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0 | January 18, 2010

When I was organizing my photo archives the other day I noticed in every “Mia” archive there is if not one but several photos of Athens, our cat, somewhere in the frame. There’s a story between the two of them that I will never understand apparently. They are pretty much inseparable. He follows me to her room first thing in the morning and he’s stuck to her for the rest of the day unless he’s hanging out with his brother outside or in my closet.

I never thought that cats could react this way towards people. He’s my first cat that my roommate and I got eleven years ago in collage when he tricked us by acting sad and helpless at the SPCA. I say tricked because over the years I have come to find that this is his specialty and he has it down to an art form. My entire family has witnessed this. He is NOT your average cat. We have another cat, Bailey and although cute, affectionate, and cuddly he does not have a “cunning personality” like Athens. He treats us with affection but when he doesn’t get his way he lets us know it. For example, I wouldn’t give him catnip this morning so he ate my lunch. Literally jumped up and ate my spaghetti and marinara. There’s hundreds of stories like this that anyone around him can tell you. My favorite is when he was 1, we were still in collage and this snot of a girl stayed over at our apartment after a night out. She pushed Athens off the couch so she could put her purse down and I swear he gave her a look I’d never seen a cat give before. The next morning I woke up with screaming coming from our living room. I jumped out of bed ran to the living room and found Athens on top of the TV not taking his eyes of her. When I asked what was wrong she said, “Your cat peed in my hair and in my purse!!!”

I tell you there’s something not right with this cat and that is why it was so surprising that he is a magnet to Mia. She can hit, pull his tail, rip his hair, tug whiskers and all he does is purr. He loves her completely and you gotta love him.

If you are wondering about the title, bear is Mia’s nickname / middle name. Her middle name being Beritt meaning little bear (so her full name in mixed languages means my little bear) and if you are wondering about why she is named that, well that’s a story for another day involving real big big big black bears, the Ouachita National Forest, nicknames, and a fighting spirit.

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