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After months of trial and error I have finally found my favorite veggie burger and all it took was a little quinoa. If you haven’t discovered quinoa yet, it is a grain like crop grown for it’s seeds. It’s actually not a grain at all but closely related to beets and spinach believe it or not. Packed with protein, magnesium and iron this nutty flavored seed is perfect for toddlers, kids, and insane marathon/ultra runners like my husband. These burgers have now become a favorite in this house but I warn you it took awhile for Mia to get used


A couple of days ago my phone rings. It’s Kim, my next door neighbor and sometimes a product reviewer on In Sock Monkey Slippers. This is what happens when you live next to me; I talk about you to hundreds of people and make you work for me without real pay but it’s all good because I feed you constantly. Kind of like Oprah and Gale. She’s in a hurry (has some REAL work to actually get to) and begins to tell me that someone is looking for me, contacted her and wants my phone number. At first I’m like, “uh…do


For months now, I have been constantly reminded that I promised to figure out a recipe for veggie burgers by one Mr. Atlas, the one and only hubby of our own Ashley Bass. After a couple of failed attempts involving his two adorable kids running out of the dinning room in terror, they both have been pushing me to create a veggie burger that is easy to make and edible. All of this thinking about veggie burgers had me falling back in a time warp when yours truly decided it was a smart idea to become a vegetarian fifteen years


My girl LOOOOVES chips. Ninety percent of the time potato chips are not allowed in the house because the big kids, aka the husband and I, eat them like ravishing piranhas. When I recently found my 22 month old breaking into a kitchen at her second cousin’s birthday party for the salty addictive treats I realized I should probably find a good substitute. Hence, the creation of sweet potato and beet chips. You can find recipes all over the internet for these but for something so simple there are many different ways to do so. After plenty of testing I found

spinach and sweet potato quiche

To save myself some time in the morning from cooking everyone’s breakfast I spent about thirty minutes and cooked up a batch of theses, spinach and sweet potato quiche. Mia has mixed emotions about these. You have to catch her in the right mood for her to really enjoy these. She would rather have scrambled eggs but I think it’s a texture thing. This is more of a toddler food and she’s at that in-between stage. So I needed a second opinion and who did I go to? The neighbors baby and she liked them so it’s a go. Spinach

I roasted a pork tenderloin last night and had enough left over to make Mia some too. Since I knew I was going to do this today I did not do anything fancy to the pork. I just seasoned a  pork tenderloin with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and a small amount of rosemary and garlic and placed it in a 425° oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until it reached 155°. Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes and Peaches {stage 3baby food} 1 cup of cubed cooked, cold pork tenderloin 1 cooked sweet potato 1 cup