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I’m in the middle of moving from one city to another which means I am knee-deep in moving boxes, packing tape, paint, and plaster. Plus, I have a dog running around my feet being chased by a little girl trying to pack him in bubble tape. The worst part is that my kitchen is partly in boxes and my computer is about to be. So, please say a little prayer that I make it out of this with my sanity in tact. In the meantime, I am craving this granita constantly and thought I’d share an old post today. Enjoy… 


When I came back home to Texas from a recent vacation, I found two things had happened while I was gone. It was sweltering hot and peach season had begun. Summer had unpacked it’s bags, moved in, and had it’s feet already propped up on my coffee table. Peach season and a cold Shiner Ruby Red Bird are the only things that make me forget about the heat of a burning Texas summer. There is nothing like a sweet juicy Texas peach and when the husband came home with bag of peaches from a roadside stand we instantly filled our