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What a month it has been! I didn’t think moving to a different city would be so exhausting and would take this long to return to normal. Although, I’m not really sure how normal one can really be if they wear sock monkey slippers and cowboy boots on a daily basis. As far as I am concerned I am never moving again. Thanks for your patience and support! As always, y’all are amazing. I am glad to be back in the kitchen and back on the blog again. And what a way to kick it off with my favorite summer


Why is it when that first warm day of summer hits we instantly light up the grill and throw practically everything on it? It’s because food tastes better when kissed by flames. It’s true and if you tell me I’m wrong I’ll plug up my ears. The smell of the grill, the crisp bite of fresh produce, and the laughter of friends and family is what summer cooking is about. That is why I’ve teamed up with my friends Shari from Tickled Red and Kristen from Dine & Dish to bring you delicious recipes from around the country to brighten up your