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prosciutto wrapped artichokes

Tender bright baby artichokes wrapped with savory prosciutto then roasted to perfection is an enticing appetizer or snack perfect for spring. The pecan trees are budding, my patio is free of snow, I’m already working on back-to-school recipe development for clients, and the house is being destroyed by a pack of wild girls on break from school, it could only be spring. Besides the resident 6-year-old and her friends running a muck around me while I work, I’m damn excited winter is over! To celebrate, I’m running away with some friends this weekend to the Texas hill country (near Fredericksburg). We’re glamping (camping

cherry vanilla fruit leather

Cherry Vanilla Fruit Leather

9 | March 11, 2014

Sweet chewy fruit leather was one of my favorite and most desired treats as a kid. Not the dyed “roll-up” kind either but the thick natural ones that you would by at the health food store back in the day. Maybe that’s why I make them on a constant basis. It takes lots of hands-off hours but it’s incredibly easy and worth it. My daughter also loves fruit leather and it’s a great snack for when she has a sweet tooth or to throw in her lunch box. You can score big parent points here. The best part about making

No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

My girl is a serious chocolate addict…but who isn’t, right? At 5-years-old she can tell the difference between milk chocolate and dark and devours dark if given the choice. She’s a smart girl but of course, I’m biased. Not only is she the smartest girl in the universe but she’s a toothpick and eats every hour. I would say this is unfair but it’s a condition of being a micro-premie, so I really shouldn’t say I’m jealous but I kind of am. Keeping her fed on a minute by minute schedule is pretty fun because she loves to be in


When I arrived home from a fantastic trip to San Francisco there was a brand new B0n Appétit sitting ever so patently in the mailbox. The unpacking would have to wait. Magazine reading always comes first, right? Ever since we left the airport I have been racking my brain to come up with new recipes based on the fresh seasonal foods I had on the west coast. With rhubarb season starting I was baffled about how to even attempt to use this fruit, vegetable, plant…uh, what is this red stalk thingy anyway? (upon further research I found it’s an ornamental