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Suspension Bridge

… because it’s Monday and I need to get in the car and drive to Dallas, I’m leaving you today with a little photo essay from this weekend’s Miracle Match Marathon that The Husband ran. It’s also a post that reminds me that I should have ignored my insane advertising/graphic design path and followed my true passion in art and photography. Oh well, things happen for a reason and if I did follow that path to the Kansas City Art Institute instead of my alma mater University of North Texas I would not have met my amazing, fantastic and quite


Every year 20 million babies are born too soon. My daughter, Mia, was one of them. Today, November 17, is National Premature Awareness Day and in support we’ve teamed up with March Of Dimes to tell Mia’s story and highten the awareness of this growing problem. Since 1981 prematurity has risen 30% and today we spread the word to fight for the babies who shouldn’t have to. In the early hours of October 29, 2008, Mia Beritt Steele broke into the world fighting with a silent cry. There was no reason why six weeks before that day a blood vessel