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With excited anticipation, my 6-year-old child has been awaiting this summer’s salmon season. For the rest of the year when salmon and watermelon (her second favorite summer food) are not in season, her wanting pleas are as annoying as a child screaming, “Are we there yet?” every three seconds on a road trip. Thankfully, the markets are finally stocked with fresh wild salmon, it’s back in our weekly meal rotation, and my sanity (what’s left of it) is intact. We try to eat seasonally as much as possible and that includes eating from our garden. The first of the summer

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Today in Texas, we’re  anxiously awaiting a “cold” front that should plummet us down to 80 degrees for our highs this week. I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt to celebrate the coming of fall. Football, leaf piles, pumpkin harvests, sock monkey slippers, and that undeniable tinge in the air makes me deliriously happy. Although, with the prospect of autumn weather bringing autumn produce, I fear it’s now time to say goodbye to summer here. This summer has been an amazing one full of incredible adventures and amazing opportunities. I’m certainly regretful that I didn’t spend much time here on ISMS. I

Copper Rover Salmon - Cordova, Alaska #salmon #travel #copperriversalmon

I woke up with a brisk breeze in the air, the sound of water gently breaking, and the never setting sun peaking in my window. My eyes creaked open to stunning mountains and glass waters to realize I’d woken up in Alaska — a far cry from dry hot Texas. For over a year now, I’d dreamt of the moment I finally saw the waters where the Copper River Salmon, a salmon that has bewitched me lately, originate. What I thought was going to be a trip to see a fish turned into much more when I realized it’s not


I have some exciting news friends! You’ve followed my Copper River Salmon addiction for a year now. We’ve roasted it, garlic poached it, glazed it with an Alaskan Amber maple reduction, cedar planked it, and even fried it into delicious fluffy bites of amazingness (see all CRS recipes) — and now after all of this time we’re going FISHING!!!! Join me as I take my camera and sock monkey slippers to Cordova, Alaska next week July 15-20, as we meet our favorite Copper River Salmon fishermen and women on the open waters. I’ll be fishing, hopefully seeing my first live salmon,

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Miso Mustard Roasted Salmon

15 | March 19, 2014

With the winds getting warmer and the trees starting to bloom our taste buds are starting to crave spring and summer flavors. What’s the first thing my family craves? Fresh salmon of course, and for a Texas family of three that’s somewhat odd because I live thousands of miles away from any salmon run. The mainstream salmon season doesn’t start for a few more months so basically I’m left with farmed salmon and I’d rather eat my shoe – it tastes better. kissing the fishmonger I couldn’t ignore the craving any longer and broke down in front of my fishmonger


As the weather gets colder here in Texas, the salmon boats in Alaska are getting ready for their long winter nap until next season. This also means I recently received my last shipment of Copper River Salmon of the year… and yes, I might have just shed a tear. When the Copper River Salmon season began this summer we started with delicious wild caught fresh sockeye and fell in love with it’s texture and amazing flavor (view: Poached Salmon in Tomato Garlic Broth, Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Salmon, and Amber Maple Glazed Salmon). Then when summer came to a close, we

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I can feel it and I’m so excited I want to run through the streets screaming! School is back in session, hatch chilies arrived at the market, the weekends are filled with football, the temperature is in the upper 90’s, and the first of the coho salmon has reached it’s way down to Texas — all sure signs that fall is in my grasp! As a member of this year’s Copper River Salmon Fresh Catch Crew, I’ve been lucky enough to have been fully supplied with sockeye salmon this summer but now that sockeye season is over I have a


Amber Maple Glazed Salmon

15 | July 18, 2013

Lately, I’ve been spoiled with salmon and  beer — all from Alaska. Life is rough around here. Who knew our biggest and coldest state could offer so much deliciousness? Salmon and beer, people! That’s better than juice pouches and Rocky! This summer I’ve had the opportunity to work with Copper River Salmon and experience what I’ve come to find to be the most decedent salmon I’ve ever had. With this last shipment of Prince William Sound sockeye salmon I was fortunate enough to pair it with Alaskan Amber, an alt style beer, from Alaskan Brewing Co. and the pairing did

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I’m sitting here anxiously looking at the pile of work on my desk and an empty suitcase that needs to be filled and the two are not coexisting well. The husband and I leave in two days for California to run the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run. That’s a race from Squaw Valley to Auburn in under 24 hours. Wait, let me rephrase that, HE is running the 100 mile run. I do not run as the ice cubes would most likely fall out of my glass and that would just be tragic. If you want to join and

Copper River Salmon Poached in Tomato and Garlic Broth

Since I can remember my nickname has been Bear, so it’s fitting that salmon is by far my favorite fish. Sashimi, poached, pan seared, grilled, cedar planked — I will eat it all. It’s pretty ridiculous. That’s why when Copper River Salmon asked this Texas girl to be apart of this summer’s Copper River Salmon season I was elated. Hmm…let me see, a summers worth of cooking the freshest and finest salmon in the world? That wasn’t hard for me to say yes to. I think it was harder to say “yes” to my husband when he asked me to

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Rosemary and garlic roasted salmon is a quick, simple and oh my word delicious way to cook salmon. Healthy, light and bursting with flavor, this is our favorite way to eat the delectable fish! Cook it along with some fresh summer green beans and you have a meal in 10 minutes. Even Mia enjoys it. No lie. She stuffs it in her mouth. We’re still working on those table manners.   We’ve recently updated this recipe to include our friends at Copper River Salmon. Please visit Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Salmon for the recipe. Cheers!