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White Mountain Foods Review

3 | July 24, 2012

If you haven’t heard of them yet, White Mountain Foods is a company that strives to make the purest whole foods possible. Their mission is simply to provide their customers with completely additive and preservative free, minimally processed, organic when possible, tasty, vegetarian foods. Their product line includes Bulgarian Yogurt, Greek Cheese, vegan Tamales, Tofu Salad, and much more. They are a family owned and operated company with years of experience based out of Texas. So, When I received a shipment from White Mountain Foods, I was more than excited to try products from a company that believes food should be


I’ve been excited about this cookbook release for awhile now and when asked to review it was overjoyed to say the least. If you aren’t aware of Food52 yet, it is an on-line food community created by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, successful cookbook authors and noted women in the food world. They created a place to give “people from all over the world a way to exchange their ideas and to celebrate each other’s talents.” was such a success that Amanda and Merrill created The Food52 Cookbook released recently and published by William Morrow. The Food52 Cookbook: 140 Winning

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There is nothing more simple to make that produces such an elegant outcome than a compound butter. It is one of my favorite little tricks for entertaining and always adds a pop to a dish. Placing a small bowl of compound butter on a holiday table brings an extra bit of glamor to a meal and will have your guests talking. A compound butter is basically a butter with added ingredients that produces a flavored butter and can change a meal completely! Practically anything can be combined with softened butter and it takes only minutes. Recently, I was asked by


A while back I received a box on my doorstep that was full of mushroom delicacies form FungusAmongUs {the organic mushroom people} and I was extatic to try out all of these delicacies. If you haven’t heard of or seen FungusAmongus in Whole Foods and other leading markets, they are the leader in delectable, exotic organic and wild crafted mushrooms and mushroom products. The FungusAmongus product line has an extensive varity of unique mushrooms; three Certified Organic Mélange Seasoning and Rub Marinades; a line of three Certified Organic gourmet Soup Mixes; and an Italian truffle line. All of which can be

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Freezer to plate are words I don’t usually shout from the rooftops, but when you’re talking about wild seafood I’m all for it! Until lately, I never knew that you could just throw a frozen piece of fish in the oven and cook it in a relatively short time with good outcomes.  Alaska Seafood has organized a beautiful campaign to teach us this simple Cook It Frozen technique and I’ve been asked to test it out along with the Cook It Frozen website, and Cook It Frozen iPhone app. With their commitment to wild sustainable fishing practices not only does Alaska Seafood care about


As a proper Texas girl, I have been in love with tortillas since birth. Everything is better when wrapped in a tortilla. But as a mom I have become increasingly aware of the excess and unnecessary ingredients in packaged tortillas. For the major packaged tortilla brands this includes a long list of preservatives, MSG (seriously why?!),  hydrogenated oils, corn syrup (again why?) and other things that if we simply made them at home would never ever be in a tortilla recipe. But who has the time to make tortillas on a daily basis? Not I said the fly. That’s why I


Some of you may remember the week long giveaways I did in December. On one of those days we gave away a Beaba Babycook. After that, I was asked to do a review of this one-of-a-kind baby food making appliance. At first I was a little hesitant as I have relied on my oven and food processor to do most of my baby food making and did not see the need for yet another appliance in my kitchen. But the moment I made my first puree with this little green wonder I knew I was wrong. The Beaba Babycook is an