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simple and delicious - how to make polenta

how to make polenta

1 | March 18, 2013

One of my favorite side dishes is polenta. Incredibly simple, inexpensive, versatile, and amazingly delicious, there are never any leftovers. The best thing about this cheesy side is that it can be served along with meat, chicken, shrimp, steamed or grilled vegetables and in just 15 minutes you have the perfect meal! View Recipe This recipe was written for Disney’s See all of my recipes here.


Nothing says comfort food like carnitas to this Texas girl. If you are not familiar with the term carnitas, it’s basically what we call slow roasted pulled pork butt with a little spice. If you’ve been around ISMS for awhile you already know my love for carnitas and might have stumbled upon the low-fat crock pot version of poblano and onion carnitas. In their own right, the healthier version is wonderful and great for an everyday meal but when you want to impress or just need that over the top comfort meal, this recipe that I’m about to share with