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ham manchego and peach crepe

The days are counting down to the inevitable end of summer and although I’m looking forward to cooler weather, I’m sad to see the care-free days with no schedules come to an end. It’s time to exchange the sunscreen and flip flops for back-to-school lunches and school uniforms and I’m already in planing mode. So far, I’ve ordered uniforms and have gathered water bottles and lunch boxes, ready for the big day to arrive. As a kid, I dreaded this time of year — I hated seeing summer end and wasn’t much of a scholarly child. Thankfully, my kid is much


Vanilla Peach Panna Cotta

9 | July 22, 2014

Peach season in Texas is an event I look forward to all year. I know other states claim the peach as their own, but I have to say Texas peaches are severely overlooked. Sweet syrup running down your chin on a hot summer’s day is what summer’s all about. Until recently, I had yet to get my hands on a peach in the kitchen because every pound I buy seems to vanish in an instant. Fresh and juicy is my favorite way to eat these fuzzy gems but once I’ve had my fill of to the kitchen I go. Cooking

cumin ribs 2

Years ago as a new mom defeated by dirty diapers and the Wonder Pets, I asked for one day of peaceful laziness to retain my sanity. To my surprise, I was granted that day by my amazing husband — a blissful Wonder Pets-free relaxing day complete with a lounge chair, margaritas, and ribs. I made it till around 5pm then passed out fell asleep outside on said lounge chair. It might have had something to do with the multiple margaritas but it was glorious. Before I nodded off into what I can only imagined looked like a lost college student on a

peach_fruit_rolls3 copy

I’m excited to share this one with y’all! I created this recipe recently for Imperial Sugar and think it turned out great. These peachy fruit roll ups are so easy and fun to create. Not only are they an all-natural delicious treat but the surprise notes tucked inside will certainly create a smile! Mia can’t actually read fully yet (although she’ll tell you she can), so putting these in her school lunch box is more of a tasty treat then a readable laugh but she enjoys them anyway. Just think of the sweet or snarky fun you can have with these

Grilled Vanilla Bean Marscapone Peaches with Salted Bourbon Caramel

This is probably the best thing I’ve ever created. Seriously. I know I sound a little high on myself but if I’m lying y’all can come drag me out of my house and force me to sing in public. That’s the most embarrasing thing I can think of for punishment and I don’t embarass easily. What I like about this recipe is that it’s simple yet full of complex flavors. Layers of sweet, salty, creamy, and fresh come together in an exposion that just brings you to your knees. The trick is to use late summer freestone peaches. Although I

peach cake with honey cognac icing_2

Summers almost over. The highs are in the lower 100’s to upper 90’s (it’s almost cold enough to wear long sleeves) and preseason foot ball is on TV. With the end of summer comes the end of peach season and it doesn’t matter how many peaches I have consumed, I will still be sad to see them go. One of my favorite summer desserts is peaches and cream with cognac and as a tribute to my favorite summer fruit and dessert, I’ve created this Peach Cake with Honey Cognac Icing. A freshly sweet dessert with a luscious finish. This my


It was just one of those average days roaming the aisles of Whole Foods trying to escape the blistering Texas heat. Unfortunately, the problem with going to Whole Foods with Mia is that the crazy switch that I have yet to find an off switch for flips on and she literally acts like a kid in a candy store. Usually it’s just  a verbal assault of, “ASPARAGUS! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ASPARAGUS BEFORE? OH MY GOODNESS, STRAWBERRIES! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN STRAWBERRIES BEFORE? AHHH! PEACHES?! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN PEACHES BEFORE?!” Yes, Mia. I’ve seen them. I’m looking at them right


When I came back home to Texas from a recent vacation, I found two things had happened while I was gone. It was sweltering hot and peach season had begun. Summer had unpacked it’s bags, moved in, and had it’s feet already propped up on my coffee table. Peach season and a cold Shiner Ruby Red Bird are the only things that make me forget about the heat of a burning Texas summer. There is nothing like a sweet juicy Texas peach and when the husband came home with bag of peaches from a roadside stand we instantly filled our


I’ve had this idea of a pistachio chicken with a POM sauce for awhile now but every time I made it home with pomegranate juice it quickly disappeared leaving me with a plain old chicken. It wasn’t until the other day that I had all the ingredients to test this idea and opened the fridge to find that the bottle of POM had been abducted by pomegranate loving aliens or at least that was the story I was told. Figuring I was never going to be able to make the dish that I wanted, I searched the kitchen for a


A couple of weeks ago we had a little dinner party over here and my mother-in-law brought these amazingly beautiful appetizers. They are so amazing that I had to share them with you. I seriously could have forgotten the dinner and just stuck to these. The combination of spicy capicola and sweet peaches along with the bright and fresh finish of  basil is the perfect amuse bouche for any dinner party or just to snack on around the house. {Yes I have done that before. If  you knock on the door after Mia is asleep and the husband is working late

pork tenderloin

If you have keeping up with our family this summer you know by now how much we love our Texas peaches. Especially those from our family ranch, the 308. Our house was bombarded with them for weeks and I have the fruit flies to prove it. After all of the peaches are consumed and our faces are no longer covered with sticky sweet peach nectar, the house becomes oddly quite as we know summer is almost over. But then there’s always a saving grace….a knock on the door and there in all of it’s glory is this… Don’t know where


As I told you last Monday my house is exploding with peaches. Not a bad problem to have mind you. Being a toddler, Mia loves muffins and when you put a house full of peaches and a child who is sick of eating eggs every morning together you have a perfect match. Of course, I’ve thrown in some butternut squash to the mix and cut down the sugar to make these perfect for the little munchkins. Moist and summer sweet, these peach and butternut squash muffins will be gone in no time. By the way, these are made with 3/4