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It’s oatmeal time again. We were out for a while. It was tough, real tough but I got a chance to make a couple weeks worth and now we have a happy baby. Here’s an updated take on the first stage 1 oatmeal recipe post: oatmeal is everywhere. This recipe makes 2 large adult servings or 1 ice-cube tray (for storing) and a little left over for baby. We’re making it this morning to get Tim fueled up for his upcoming race this weekend in Ft.Woth. Note: pears, apples, cherries, and raisins are all on the “dirty dozen” list of

roasted beet salad

Don’t go running away from the computer just yet. Beets are good! Trust me! Just wait and you’ll see… It’s marathon season. Not for me of course, but for my husband. Who is insane. Really. 26.2 miles? That’s the definition of insanity to me. I sometimes think he runs just so he can eat and drink whatever he wants to after a big race. For example after a race this fall in San Antonio he ate two tacos, a massive bowl of tortilla soup, a chicken entre, a cheese enchilada, rice and beans, a basket of chips and washed it