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Limoncello Cookies

60 | December 12, 2011

A couple of years ago with a house full of Limoncello and Limoncino (an Italian lemon liquor) that my in-laws brought back from Italy, the Limoncello Cookie was born. It is one of my favorite cookies of all time and if you follow ISMS than you know the Limoncello Cookie recipe is making it’s second appearance, only this time in a more refined, prettier, and tastier version. Think of it as Elvis’ 1968 comeback, if you will. They’ve come to be a Christmas cookie staple in our house and this year I used them for the Great Food Blogger Cookie


As promised here they are. The most beautiful, tasty, sing in your mouth cookies. Yes, they sing. Belting out I’m Going To The Place by Lyle Lovett. I’m totally serious. As clear as day there was Lyle Lovett with his awesome hair, a belt buckle bigger than a plate and a choir in my kitchen. It was a good day. How did this start? Well, my in-laws spent sometime in northern Italy  recently and this is what they came back with for me. Glorious Limoncino. Ideas have been spinning around in my head about what to do with it other