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Once again I have been waylaid by the kitchen remodel. We are getting close! The counter tops are in and oh so pretty and the sink and faucet were finally installed last week. Yesterday, the day I had been waiting for since me moved in three years ago, the particle board walls were torn down and gorgeous pine wainscoting was installed. Thankfully, everything went somewhat smoothly and was finished all in one day. Mia and I almost died of boredom yesterday because we had to stay here and make sure the contractors didn’t need any questions answered. Which of course,

wedding day

girl meets boy

7 | July 30, 2010

Years ago in a bar in Denton, Texas just south of the line where the red dirt turns black a young wide-eyed blond hair girl meets a wild, one of a kind, guitar playing boy. Boy flirts with girl and girl turns him down because of her bartender boyfriend. Boy returns monthly to play a show at the bar and of course girl is always there. Half a year later and single, girl finally gives into boy when she can no longer resist the boy’s charm and songs. Boy takes girl on their first date and boy asks girl to