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roasted strawberry parfait

Roasted Strawberry Parfaits

15 | March 26, 2013

Roasting the strawberries in this parfait recipe brings out their natural amazing flavor and creates a luxurious syrup while still maintaining a firm texture. This is a natural snack at it’s best — perfect for young and old alike. This recipe was gone in litteraly seconds. I had kids and adults with yogurt covered faces and big eyes saying, “more!” Quick, simple, and beyond good.     This recipe was written for Disney’s

cilantro cream sauce

cilantro cream sauce

12 | September 12, 2012

Lately, my kitchen (in the new house) has been a disaster area. Like Bruce Willis filming an action movie in my kitchen kind of disaster. If it’s not flooding, something is either exploding, shorting-out, or simply refuses to work. I’m not kidding. The stove shoots fireballs everytime I turn it on. It’s a miracle I have eybrows and my dog still has a tail. In hopes to get Bruce out of the kitchen we bought all new appliances. A new dishwasher, oven, microwave, and a stove (thank the Lord). Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when the installers came


A story as old as time, when you have over ripened bananas that are starting to draw fruit flies and you are about to show your house to a potential buyer you make banana muffins or in our case banana nut muffins with Greek yogurt that are sinfully moist. I make this muffin recipe with practically any fresh fruit. It is also perfect to make ahead and use the batter as needed (batter will keep for 5 days in the refrigerator) for fresh delicious muffins every morning. Another story that is as old as time is Murphy’s Law. When you

frozen yogurt strawberry fruit pops

As a mom I sometimes find that snack time is more difficult than a meal time. When I could easily just say, “For the love of everything holy, If you’re hungry just grab a snack bar from the pantry!” — in the back of my  mind I still know that even snacks should resemble some nutritional value. Not to say I never grab a bag of Cheddar Goldfish in a hurry because it happens but a fruit and cheese plate on a daily basis can get boring fast. And we all know boring food to a toddler is going to


Have you ever been attacked by a chocolate craving? I mean a full on “must have chocolate or I’m going to run through the streets like a mad zombie person” kind of craving? That was me yesterday after a hectic, yet productive, day complete with an insane workout where I was firmly aware that the medicien ball was out to kill me. I figured after a day like that I need, no I deserve a thick fudgey chocolate brownie. As I gathered my ingredients it was to my horror to find there wasn’t a single egg in the house or