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I’m in the middle of moving from one city to another which means I am knee-deep in moving boxes, packing tape, paint, and plaster. Plus, I have a dog running around my feet being chased by a little girl trying to pack him in bubble tape. The worst part is that my kitchen is partly in boxes and my computer is about to be. So, please say a little prayer that I make it out of this with my sanity in tact. In the meantime, I am craving this granita constantly and thought I’d share an old post today. Enjoy… 


There’s nothing better in the summer than a refreshing granita and I’ve made quite a few. Granitas have even been my close friend during those teething days with Mia. Her favorite, cantelope and mint, was devoured daily and helped sooth her swelling gums. I love granitas because they are supper simple to make and like a good dress can be dressed up or down with the addition of a touch of liqueur. This grapefruit and rosemary granita is so delicious and is my favorite yet! Don’t be put off by the rosemary my friends, it a delightful and elegant pairing

melon and mint granita

Oh, the days of ocean puddles of drool, a case of the grumpies and chewing on anything that doesn’t move. Yes, we have reached the nasty days of teething. Mia has two molars coming in at once and I am desperate for a big towel to soak up all of this drool and anything that will help her get through this (ahh, so that’s what the ShamWow is for). Since I can’t rally give her an ice-cube to chew on I made granita for the little bear and it was a success! It’s an easy recipe that can be made with