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It’s July in Texas and that means it’s also hotter than a billy goat’s arse in a pepper patch. This wet, humid, and blazing hot air combined with a very busy holiday season at mbs recipe development, has made this girl desperately dream of getting out of town to my second favorite state, Colorado. Cool mountain air and clean crisp water — yes, that’s exactly what I need. At the end of this week, I’ll be packing up the family and heading to the Snowmass/Aspen area to hike and raft until I reach a state of delirious happiness and I’m sure

prosciutto wrapped artichokes

Tender bright baby artichokes wrapped with savory prosciutto then roasted to perfection is an enticing appetizer or snack perfect for spring. The pecan trees are budding, my patio is free of snow, I’m already working on back-to-school recipe development for clients, and the house is being destroyed by a pack of wild girls on break from school, it could only be spring. Besides the resident 6-year-old and her friends running a muck around me while I work, I’m damn excited winter is over! To celebrate, I’m running away with some friends this weekend to the Texas hill country (near Fredericksburg). We’re glamping (camping


Cock-a-leeky-kaley-soup. That’s what we jokingly call one of our favorite soups in this house. Plus it’s a lot easier to right on our chalkboard than Chicken, Leek and Kale Soup with Black Rice Noodles. Made with homemade chicken stock, leeks, and kale this soup is the ultimate healthy, nutritious and amazingly delicious meal. So good in fact that Mia runs around the house in excitement when I’m making it and my mother who recently visited and doesn’t cook too often decided she had to go home and make this right away. {By the way, my mom and grandmother make the

blender biscuits

I can’t even describe how good these biscuits are! My best attempt would be to compare them to a creamy and puffy biscuit. Although they are not technically a biscuit. They are like eating buttery, slightly salty, creamy airy puffs of…I don’t even know. They are that good. The fact that it takes a total of 3-5 minutes to create in a blender and 15 minutes in the oven makes these the quickest dinner rolls/biscuits ever. Every time I make them there is never any left and leaves people begging for the recipe. It all started when I was attempting