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Dallas-Style Brisket Tacos

I threw my camera bag on the chair beside me, sat down in the cool iron chair on the patio, and moaned. I was nearing the end of searching for Dallas’s most iconic foods for an article I was writing for and I was dreading looking at another plate of food. The telltale spicy smell of Tex-Mex cuisine was wafting from the kitchen as I watched a taxi full of tourists straight off the plane (complete with luggage) enter the restaurant. We were all in search of the same thing: Brisket Tacos from Mia’s Tex-Mex. When it comes to

Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

4 | February 10, 2015

This isn’t really a recipe for Linguine with Clam Sauce but more of a recipe for Clams and Linguine with Red Sauce. I say that because a traditional red clam sauce is made by steaming pounds and pounds of clams, removing the clams from the shells, finely chopping, and then adding to a sauce. There’s not one damn thing wrong with that either, except for the scanty 20 minutes I have to get an epic family-style Valentine’s Day meal on the table. Our little family always has a Valentine’s Day dinner together. It’s an excuse for all of us to

15 dutch oven recipes

Cold days with that fresh nip in the air calls out for warm comfort food and that means dusting off those Dutch oven recipes! My Dutch oven (it’s really a French oven because of it’s enamel coating) is an essential part of my kitchen and probably my favorite tool. From flavorful soups to tender fall-off-the-bone braises my Le Creuset French Oven is in full use in the fall and winter months. Combined with the fact that it’s made with durable heavy duty cast iron for even cooking and has a lifetime guarantee, my French oven is practically priceless! giveaway Before

duck confit

I’ve never known a girl who loves duck confit as much as my 6-year-old. Of course, who doesn’t love a tender fall-off-the-bone duck confit recipe — it’s just the best thing in the world. For a long time, I’ve made duck confit the traditional way, with a vat of duck fat, but unless one of my amazing friends brings me duck fat (yes, I seriously have friends that do this) I’m out of luck. But thank the stars above, I ran into a this fabulous recipe from Bon Appétit with the best duck confit hack of all time. For this

Grown Up Meals For Kids

Grown Up Meals For Kids

12 | July 23, 2014

“Do you really feed your family the way you cook on your blog?” I hear that more often than you’d think. I get it, in a society wrapped up in pre-cooked meals and freezer to fryer foods it sometimes seems that you’re the odd one out when you choose to feed your family fresh from scratch meals. The answer is yes — everything I cook is consumed by every member of my family, including the 5-year-old and sometimes the sneaky dog. When my daughter was born prematurely with necrotizing enterocolitis (a serious intestinal disease common in preemies), we knew from the get

Orange Chicken

Orange Broccoli Chicken

X | March 2, 2014

Sometimes we need an easy and simple weeknight meal. Especially on those days that the dog has chewed up my favorite set of slippers, the child is in one of those moods that nothing will please her, laundry has miraculously and spontaneously exploded in every room of the house, I missed a deadline, and I think that might have been a hairball that I just stepped on. It’s days like today that I just go for a classic meal that everyone will enjoy or at least keep them quite for 15 minutes. Tender bites of chicken and broccoli coated with

lemon ginger chicken

Lemon Ginger Pork Medallions

5 | January 22, 2014

The fact that my job keeps me busy is an understatement. I’ve got to juggle being a mom, wife, photographer, recipe developer, food blogger, maid, and dog wrangler to the labradork. My office is stacked high with props, boards, camera equipment, product for upcoming shoots/projects, and glitter sticky hearts that I swear are parasites or an alien race that duplicates every second— I just can’t seem to get rid of them. In all this hustle and bustle, I’ve still got to put dinner on the table. Thankfully, we can eat my job and the other night, this recipe developed for


A slow-cooker meal is a relief to come home to and realize dinner is one step away from being on the table, especially when you realize your child has just created a wonderful attempt at a Picasso on your couch. But what bothers me about slow cooker recipes is that they are almost always made with a “a can of this” and a “can of that.” Have you ever read the ingredient list in a can of mushroom soup? It should be mushrooms, broth, flour, cream, salt and pepper. Instead it’s a long list of chemicals and preservatives that I’m

Baked Chicken Parmesan Sliders

Who doesn’t love Chicken Parmesan? Crispy chicken slathered with tangy marinara sauce and covered with a gooey blanket of cheese. This retro dish has always been one of my favorites and a “go to” meal when it comes to needing a meal I know everyone young and old will eat. Simple, delicious, and certainly cheesy, this recipe will be on your family’s favorite list for a long time.

Delicious and garlicky hummus flat bread!

I’m not going to give you a story that normally accompanies a post today because I want to get to this recipe as fast as possible. We’ll talk about the fact later that my daughter just walked in covered head-to-toe with rhinestones and asked where the hot glue gun is.

tex mex taco salad

The taco salad: what you order at a Tex-Mex restaurant when you’re trying to find the skinniest meal on the menu… or so you think. In my experience a taco salad is nothing but greasy taco meat piled high on nutritionally void iceberg lettuce and a pound of cheese for garnish — oh and you can’t forget the truck load of fried tortilla chips that come with it as well. All-in-all your left with a tasty bowl of empty calories and fat. Now back in my college days this would be a good cure for the previous nights excursions—if you


I live in Texas and just like 99.9% of Texans, I love it here. Our music is just as good as our food and when spring hits the first thing we do is fire up the grills and guitars. That’s exactly what the family and I did this weekend. There’s just something about friends, music, food, and good weather that make a weekend. Here’s a recipe to try on your grill. Bright and tangy this dipping sauce combined with sweet grilled shrimp is an explosive pairing and I promise it will be everyone’s favorite! Grilled Shrimp with Lemon Parmesan Aioli serves