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Tomato Soup with Charred Scallion Oil

This, my friends, is my favorite, most beloved tomato soup recipe. A soup so luxuriously smooth, creamy, and full of flavor that you will never be able to look at another bowl of tomato soup again (except for tomato basil soup — that’s in it’s own category). What makes this tempting bowl so special? I’ll tell you: (1) RIPE FRESH TOMATOES (2) A TOUCH OF MISO (3) CHARRED SCALLION OIL (4) HOMEMADE CROUTONS. The flavor combination doesn’t get any better than that. The soup itself is ridiculously easy to make but when you take a little extra time and pair it

ham manchego and peach crepe

The days are counting down to the inevitable end of summer and although I’m looking forward to cooler weather, I’m sad to see the care-free days with no schedules come to an end. It’s time to exchange the sunscreen and flip flops for back-to-school lunches and school uniforms and I’m already in planing mode. So far, I’ve ordered uniforms and have gathered water bottles and lunch boxes, ready for the big day to arrive. As a kid, I dreaded this time of year — I hated seeing summer end and wasn’t much of a scholarly child. Thankfully, my kid is much

duck chilaquiles

I woke up with a soft humid breeze and the smell of sweet jasmine coming through my window. The Spanish moss swaying on the big oak trees reminded me I wasn’t in Texas anymore. I found myself on Avery Island, home of the McIlhenny family and their famous Tabasco Pepper Sauce. It was a beautiful and majestic place that inspired a heavenly plate of Duck Guajillo Chilaquiles upon my return home. avery island, louisiana With its simple ingredients, one would never guess that Tabasco is as unique and complex as the land it originates from. The recipe hasn’t changed since the original recipe


Last week, I came across a bumper crop of beets at the farmer’s market and they were so gorgeous, I couldn’t pass them up. Sweet and earthy, nothing comes close to a roasted beet, except maybe a pickled one. Way back in the day (the glorious 80’s) when steakhouses ruled Dallas, I remember going out for dinner with my parents and bypassing  steak for the briny pickled beets on the salad bar. These days, pickled beets don’t last a second in this house — we all adore them. So, when I crave those zesty purple beauties and there are none in

Strozzapreti with Beef Shank Ragù

Tender beef in an enticing tomato sauce that’s so easy it’s all made at once in the oven, deliciously coats sauce-grabbing strozzapreti in this lusciously rustic comfort food meal. So, I might have lied last week when I said the Boulevardier was my goodbye to winter. Turns out, we were due one last swift kick in the arse by the cold kiss of the old man yesterday and it brought me to my knees. All I wanted was comfort food midst the freezing rain and comfort food is what I got. With a few beef shanks in hand, the last jar of tomatoes

roasted winter vegetable soup

With the bitter cold and wet days of winter, all I crave is comfort and simplicity. This is especially true when it comes to food and you can always find a pot of soup on my stove when the weather locks us indoors with sheets of ice. One of our favorite soups to savor this time of year when the wind is at its coldest is this delicious Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup with Prosciutto Crisps. This might be the simplest soup recipe imaginable. It’s pretty basic and came to our house when an overflowing winter garden needed a good harvest. In Texas, winter

potato frittata

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, a weekend doesn’t go by without friends and family over for brunch at my house. Laughter in the air, kids playing at your feet, and enough amazing food for everyone — just does your soul good. You can pretty much always find a frittata on my brunch table and my frittatas are usually never without potatoes. Eggs and potatoes have always been a happy couple; just ask the beloved breakfast taco. One of my favorite frittatas, especially during the cool fall to winter months, is


Hello 2015! Usually, January/February is slow for me as everyone is still recovering from the holidays but no, I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Good sign for 2015, perhaps? The start of the year has been packed with recipe development and photography campaigns for everyone from Ziploc to small wineries. Although I couldn’t be happier to be so busy, I’ve missed just cooking for myself and blabbing about it to all of you awesome folks who, for some reason, stumble upon this food-filled blog. So the other day, I was at the market filling up my basket


Let me paint you a picture. A young girl with shiny blond hair in a high side ponytail adorned with a neon pink scrunchee (it was the totally awesome 80’s) sits at the dinner table. Her eyes are big as saucers waiting in anticipation for the one thing she always craved — her grandmother’s goulash over egg noodles. That girl was me in all of my side ponytail glory and I loved my grandmother’s cooking. Just thinking about that tender beef goulash braised for hours in a red sauce and served over those silky thin noodles brings instant soul-satisfying comfort

vanilla bean pear butter

Vanilla Bean Pear Butter

1 | December 29, 2014

In the summer, it’s all berries and watermelon but come fall, it’s time to break out the pears! A warm blanket, the yule log crackling on the tv (that’s what you do when you don’t have a fireplace), and a fresh flaky biscuit slathered contently with luscious pear butter is all this girl needs to enjoy a cold day. Comforting and delicious, this homemade pear butter is enhanced with the flavors of pure vanilla beans for a delightful treat on biscuits, bread, a cheese board, and more — it also makes for a great holiday gift. I created this recipe

pork tenderloin with bacon raisin chutney

Christmas dinner is in the planning stages this week, and although we’re planning for a very large crowd I thought we needed a small holiday dinner recipe for those nights we want to be festive with a more intimate sized group. You know, for when you want to have a holiday dinner for those people you actually like. Ha, I’m just kidding! I dearly love my family but there was this one time years ago when they served frozen store-bought lasagna for Christmas dinner — I never really forgave them for that. So, for times when you don’t want to

shortbread cookies

I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly behind on my holiday baking. By now I’d be knee deep in a heap of cookies and spiced pecans but sadly, I just started. I can’t believe how hast this holiday has flown by this year and it seems the older I get the shorter the Christmas season becomes. Is it just me getting lost in the mayhem of the day-to-day or is this just how it goes? Whatever the reason, I plan on diving straight into the season even if it means wearing a santa hat on a daily basis — at