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Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Pretzel Bites

It’s that certain smell in the air. That crisp breeze that tingles your nose and makes the hairs on your arm stand a little higher, fall is officially here. Weekends filled with picnics at the lake, strolls through the farmer’s market, caramel apples at the state fair, lazy sways in the hammock, and a crowded patio with a football game on TV. This time of the year is, by far, my favorite. I’ve had this recipe on my mind for months. A perfect blend of flavors to scream, “Hey people, FALL IS FLIPPING HERE!” For me, it’s officially autumn when

beans on toast 2_web_edited-1

Beans on Toast

3 | September 22, 2014

If you ask my child what she wants for dinner, her answer will be a toss up between roasted chicken, salmon, or beans on toast. Before Mia, I had no clue what “beans on toast” was. Till this day I’m still not quite sure how she ever found out about beans on toast as I’d obviously never served it before. Come to find, beans on toast is not a common American meal but a favorite across the “pond.” Maybe she’s been watching too much Jamie Oliver?   We have varying recipes for beans on toast. In the spring/summer, I cream


Affogato Amaretto

12 | July 31, 2014

In just a few short weeks, summer will come to a close. We’ll still have the scorching heat for a few more weeks but it will be time to kiss that curly blonde head goodbye in the morning as she heads off to her first days of kindergarten. Playful excitement during the days will soon be replaced by the sounds of my own footsteps mingling with the deep rumbling snores of Jack the labradork asleep on the couch. I’ll certainly miss the time we have together in the summers but thankful there’s more time to work during the day and possibly,

mustard rabbit

Last weekend, my daughter and I were at our local farmer’s market, White Rock Local Market, and nearly knocked down a crowd to reach the vendor with a sign for rabbit. I had never seen rabbit before at the market and was excited. I’ve decided, and they might not know it, but JuHa Ranch is now my new best friend. I’ve been looking for a source for humanely raised quality rabbit ever since I moved back home and now I found it. Be on the lookout for more rabbit recipes popping up here because it’s just one of my favorite meats

tortellini soup

There are those days when you just have a just few minutes for dinner and have to grab whatever’s in the fridge. A day in the week when I completely forget to cook or I’ve been cooking all day for a someone else and don’t want to sit over the stove for another hour. Things happen — as moms we know this– and when they do I rely on my stash of supper easy and fresh recipes like this one, Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Spinach. I always have homemade chicken stock on hand, it’s truly a lifesaver and makes your dollar go

ricotta cornbread

My feet hit the pavement as fast as they could after school when I knew my nanny, RoRo, was going to be cooking. Smells of stewed green beans, sweet black-eyed peas, and chicken hung heavier in the air the closer I got to the house. My excitement grew with every step because I knew that she had saved the best recipe for last: her cornbread! The moment I got home, I’d sling my backpack off my shoulders not caring where it would land, wash my hands, and grab a spoon to help her create the most delicious cornbread in the

Chicken Milanese

St. Paddy’s day is this weekend and Dallas is prepping for their big parade that I live right next too. So, I’m preparing for traffic, a sea of green, and stepping over the occasional drunk leprechaun. I’m also seeing lots of cabbage and potato recipes floating around the web-a-verse and that’s just making me obscenely hungry. Being that I am not Irish (at least I don’t think I am—I’m adopted so who the heck knows where my ancestry lies) I’m not going to give you an “Irish” recipe because I would seriously not know what I was talking about. Now,

red wine braised venison over pumpkin risotto

If you’re reading this you’re the awesome 5% of my readers who actually like venison…or maybe you’re just intrigued. Who knows, but I’m glad you’re here. If you were to ask me what the best thing I’ve ever cooked was, I would say Red Wine Braised Venison over Pumpkin Risotto. I started cooking this about a year ago when my husband’s boss first came over for dinner. Just so happens that my cousin was there as well. It was a full house, the beginning of fall, I was completely nervous and I needed something big, bold, impressive, and easy to

creamy wild mushroom soup_web copy

I’m trying to grasp onto the remaining flavors of fall and winter before spring hits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far beyond ready for warm days, homegrown tomatoes, okra, and peaches but I’m just not ready to fully let go. I even have a 5-spice braised venison over pumpkin risotto coming up for you soon just to drive the nail in the coffin so to speak. I final goodbye to all those comfort recipes we crave during the cold months. Speaking of comfort, I was recently blessed with a pound of early wild mushrooms from a friend not too long

chicken dumplings hort 2 web

Chicken and Dumplings. Everyone has their favorite way of preparing it. Dropped vs. rolled dough, vegetables vs. no vegetables, clear broth vs. creamy — there’s so many versions it’d make your grandmother’s head spin. But we can all agree on one thing, Chicken and Dumplings is the best darn comfort food that you can get! I’m a rolled and cut dumpling and vegetable packed kinda girl but the husband is the exact opposite. Today we’re going to compromise because that’s what the preacher told me I had to do when we got married. “50/50,” he said and I had to

Butternut Squash Kale and Pancetta Hash

Back in December, I posted a photo on Instagram of a winter hash that I had served on a slice of toasted sourdough and topped with a fried egg sprinkled with rosemary salt. Since then I’ve received 22 emails and most of them had the subject line, “Where’s the hash, lady?” No joke. So, it was obvious that I had to post this recipe or possibly receive a rotten tomato stoning. Hash is one of those dishes that says comfort to me. I have fond thoughts of my grandmother making potato and brisket hash when I stayed over and 9

Pistachio Lamb Chops with Cherry Port Sauce

Last month I asked you on Facebook and Twitter what you wanted me to cook for Valentine’s Day. It was a 50/50 split between lamb chops and scallops. I picked Seared Scallops on Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta and although it was fabulous the 5o% of you who wanted lamb let me have it! Hey, I’ve got no problems with cooking two Valentine’s Day meals and neither was The Husband! See, we both have jobs in the food industry and since most holidays revolve around food we always have to celebrate before the actual holiday. No worries though, that just