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Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

4 | February 10, 2015

This isn’t really a recipe for Linguine with Clam Sauce but more of a recipe for Clams and Linguine with Red Sauce. I say that because a traditional red clam sauce is made by steaming pounds and pounds of clams, removing the clams from the shells, finely chopping, and then adding to a sauce. There’s not one damn thing wrong with that either, except for the scanty 20 minutes I have to get an epic family-style Valentine’s Day meal on the table. Our little family always has a Valentine’s Day dinner together. It’s an excuse for all of us to

duck confit

I’ve never known a girl who loves duck confit as much as my 6-year-old. Of course, who doesn’t love a tender fall-off-the-bone duck confit recipe — it’s just the best thing in the world. For a long time, I’ve made duck confit the traditional way, with a vat of duck fat, but unless one of my amazing friends brings me duck fat (yes, I seriously have friends that do this) I’m out of luck. But thank the stars above, I ran into a this fabulous recipe from Bon Appétit with the best duck confit hack of all time. For this


You’ve just finished off a fabulous dinner party — appetizers, dinner, desserts, but the night’s not over yet. Treat your guests to a coffee cocktail to cap off an epic dinner party and leave people talking. Whenever Tim, the husband, and I are out we like to extend the evening as long as possible — it’s not too often we’re alone, you know. To make the night just a tad longer and to cap off our tastebuds, a coffee with a splash of something special seems to end the night on a high note. Our favorite end-of-the-night drink on a date is

grilled leg of lamb_web

Bluebonnets are in full bloom, every patio is overflowing in Dallas, and the smells of mesquite hitting the fire are wafting threw the air…spring is officially here! I’m crazy excited and have been digging in the garden every chance I get. I’ll probably kill everything off by summer but for now things are bloomin’. I’m not much of a gardener. I mean I love it but I have yet to get into a grove where I don’t kill off everything by July. Hopefully, I’ll figure organic gardening out by the time I’m 6o. That’s the goal. I’ve given myself plenty

Pistachio Lamb Chops with Cherry Port Sauce

Last month I asked you on Facebook and Twitter what you wanted me to cook for Valentine’s Day. It was a 50/50 split between lamb chops and scallops. I picked Seared Scallops on Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta and although it was fabulous the 5o% of you who wanted lamb let me have it! Hey, I’ve got no problems with cooking two Valentine’s Day meals and neither was The Husband! See, we both have jobs in the food industry and since most holidays revolve around food we always have to celebrate before the actual holiday. No worries though, that just

beer braised bison tacos

Beer Braised Bison Tacos

13 | January 21, 2014

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos. I could eat them everyday of my life. I’m from Texas and we love our tacos so, the fact that I could go every single day eating some form of a taco is not a surprise. Al pastor, brisket, ground beef Tex-Mex, bean and cheese… it doesn’t matter just put a few on my plate. I make some pretty mean beer braised carnitas, a recipe I’ve been meaning to share with you, and it occurred to me the other day while I was watching my daughter dive into a bison hamburger, why not take my carnitas recipe


Ready to go beyond the classic cheese plate at you next party? Maybe this New Year’s Eve is the time to step things up a bit with a fabulous and stunning charcuterie board! What’s a charcuterie board you ask? A charcuterie board is the cured meat version of the cheese plate and I believe every party should have one! Seriously, it’s hands-down the easiest and most impressive appetizer for any get-together or cocktail party. It also can be an easy and simple light dinner when no one wants to cook to which I’m guilty of especially on weekends. All there is

cheese plate

The Perfect Cheese Tray

90 | December 13, 2013

Cheese trays are a weekend tradition at my house. I didn’t grow up this way and my mother still thinks I’m a bit of an odd bird for always having one out before dinner when company comes but I think it’s the perfect way to great a guest. A bite and a glass is what you’ll be offered when you enter my house. So, come one and come all — just don’t all come at once. With the holidays in full swing and parties being thrown this way and that, it’s the ideal time to brush up on our cheese

Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Pork Loin

Rosemary and garlic go together like Christmas and cookies — it’s hard to have one without the other. When I’m cooking a simple meal with no fuss I usually rely on these two flavors, mostly because I have a rosemary bush by my garden gate that’s about to overtake the neighborhood. In all seriousness, if you’re ever in need for a flavorful dinner but are stuck in a rut, rosemary and garlic are two flavors that can boost up practically anything from fish (try rosemary and garlic roasted salmon), to meats, and even vegetables. Here’s one of our favorite simple

sweet potato pie

Sweet potato pie always conjures fond memories of my grandmother. Not only was it her favorite pie but she also asked me to make it for her every Christmas. She would have her own pie as my grandfather was known for hiding the holiday pies and hording them for himself. Sweet potato pie is also my husband’s favorite so you can imagine how often I make this. Creamy, sweet, and full of holiday spices, Sweet Potato Pie with Maple Bourbon Whipped Cream is beyond a classic. I wrote this recipe for KitchenAid. Jump on over to their blog, KITCHENTHUSIAST, for

Hard Cider Brasied Turkey Thighs and Apples

I’m a little obsessed with fall — it’s my absolute favorite time of year! Unfortunately for me, summer has decided to stick around a little longer in Texas and it looks like fall is never going to get here. What’s making my yearning for fall even worse is the amount of fall and holiday recipes I’m having to develop for clients lately that and pumpkin EVERYTHING just exploded on Pinterest. ‘Tis the season I guess! So, I’ve decided to do a rain dance in the form of cooking fall meals. I even dreamed of pumpkins last night. “If you build

Seared Pork Tenderloin with Sage Carmalized Mushrooms and a Blackberry Red Wine Reduction

Have you ever had a dinner so good you literally licked your plate clean? I don’t mean as an expression — you actually licked the plate clean! I did the other night but thank goodness I was in my pjs at my own dinner table and not at a restaurant. The inspiration for this meal was a 2009 Domaine La Milliere VDP Vaucluse Rouge, a Syrah-Merlot blend from the Rhone Valley in France. This Syrah/Merlot blend is an earthy one that’s slightly spicy with notes of cherry, blackberry, and coffee. It paired wonderfully with the pork, mushroom, and sage flavors in