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potato bacon frittata

Easy. That’s what I need when it’s 5 o’clock and I’ve completely forgotten that I have to feed a family. There’s no time to defrost and there’s no time to break out a thousand pots and pans. In moments like these I turn to eggs. Scrambled, fried, boiled, in a salad or a bowl of soup — it’s certainly a superfood. The other night, after a very long day of working on a recipe project for a client, I realized that I completely neglected to feed everyone. Don’t judge! You can’t tell me this hasn’t happened to you as well!

feta spinach scramble2

Breakfast is my ultimate meal of the day and I’m a scary walking zombie without it! I’m a sucker for eggs and I think we must go through two cartons a week. I’ve thought about buying chickens because in the end it would be more economical with the amount of eggs we consume but let’s be honest here — I also like to roast chickens. In the end I would just end up empty handed and back at the market. Besides breakfast tacos, frittatas, and English muffins with a runny egg, vegetable scrambles are my absolute favorite in the morning.

swiss chard soup main

It’s 5 o’clock and you just realized there is practically nothing to feed your family in your house. It’s to late to defrost anything and you are absolutely not fighting traffic to go to the store. What do you do? No, you don’t order pizza. I mean you could but then you know you will barely fit into those jeans in the morning and no one, and I mean no one, likes to see mom front butt jeans.Try going through the fridge one more time. If you have eggs, chicken broth, and some leftover pasta perhaps you have a perfectly


As a proper Texas girl, I have been in love with tortillas since birth. Everything is better when wrapped in a tortilla. But as a mom I have become increasingly aware of the excess and unnecessary ingredients in packaged tortillas. For the major packaged tortilla brands this includes a long list of preservatives, MSG (seriously why?!),  hydrogenated oils, corn syrup (again why?) and other things that if we simply made them at home would never ever be in a tortilla recipe. But who has the time to make tortillas on a daily basis? Not I said the fly. That’s why I

spinach and sweet potato quiche

To save myself some time in the morning from cooking everyone’s breakfast I spent about thirty minutes and cooked up a batch of theses, spinach and sweet potato quiche. Mia has mixed emotions about these. You have to catch her in the right mood for her to really enjoy these. She would rather have scrambled eggs but I think it’s a texture thing. This is more of a toddler food and she’s at that in-between stage. So I needed a second opinion and who did I go to? The neighbors baby and she liked them so it’s a go. Spinach