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Havarti Dill Crackers -

Havarti Dill Crackers

2 | April 19, 2013

Crackers — little round parcels of cheesy goodness that practically everyone loves. Have you ever had a homemade cracker? It’s a thousand times better than in the box. Just like a real pine tree smells better than the one hanging from your rear view mirror. What? You don’t have a pine tree hanging from your mirror? Ok, then lets compare the greatness of homemade crackers to celebrities. A homemade cracker is like Jennifer Aniston and a box cracker is like Kim Kardashian. One is real and the other is fake and just might cause you to lose brain cells if

The BEST snack! Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Crackers

Stop. Before we go any further, I have to say these are irresistibly delicious and I’m actually a little mad that my husband took them with him on his 3 day trail running race this weekend. It’s spring break. I have taken on a few extra clients this month and doubled my work load just in time to have Mia at home all day every day for a week. Makes complete sense, right? No one ever said I was smart. Monday, I thought I was going to get through. With deadlines looming I just took my computer wherever Mia and


With today being another snow day, I wanted to be able to make a recipe that Mia could help out with and enjoy. I searched and searched and all I could come up with were cookies that I had no interest in making. But as I was scrolling through the blogs I frequent most for ideas or recipes, I found the perfect savory snack for a snowy day. On one of my favorite blogs, Smitten Kitchen, I stumbled upon and old recipe, Cheese Straws, and was immediately inspired to create these…Beet Heart Shaped Cheddar Crackers with flax seed. I choose