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Rhubarb Coconut Popsicles

14 | July 10, 2014

This morning I shot these popsicles in bad lighting and in a crazy rush to get out of the kitchen before the crew came. I’m still in the middle of a kitchen nightmare remodel after the husband bought a washing machine that doesn’t fit in the spot it’s supposed to and we can’t return it. After a demolished pantry, a discovery of a hidden LIVE electrical box, a busted hot water heater, a recreation of a new pantry on the other side of the kitchen, and a depleted bank account, we are finally coming to an end. Thank goodness because


There’s nothing better than taking a bite of slightly sweet and toasty homemade granola to drown out the bickering between a dog and a two year old little girl. Yes, they bicker. No, I didn’t realize adopting a 60 pound lab meant adopting a another toddler and yes, I’m considering never having anymore children because my hair is quickly turning grey. There’s also the possibility of me entering a psych ward soon. But for now I have the crunchy bites of heaven covered with milk to save my sanity and make me smile when I realize that my once white