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Whisky Caramel Brownies

Luscious fudge brownies draped with smoky scotch whisky caramel sauce will knock the socks off that little red heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. This crazy combo of dark chocolate and scotch will get cupid far on this night of love, at least in my whisky-loving world that is. Inspired by my absolute favorite chocolate truffle in Dallas, the Laphroaig Truffle from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and my go-to brownie recipe from The Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook, this sinful caramel brownie is extravagant to say the least. I’m an avid whisky drinker while my sommelier husband is the wine snob of


Warm crackling fires, soft fuzzy blankets, and a dog at your feet, the best part of autumn is comfort. We just finished with our first cold front that left me grasping for hot soups, mugs of warm coffee, big blankets that swallow me whole and pot de créme — my winter dessert. Last year we were obsessed with pumpkin maple pot de créme. Indulging with every excuse we could might of left us with a few extra calories to burn off come spring, but it was well worth every bite. Now that the leaves are falling, I’m also getting the familiar tug at

chocolate tabasco stars 2

The final day of the Tabasco Challenge is here! 5 recipes in 5 days using only 10 ingredients (Tabasco, basil/mint/cilantro, tuna/swordfish, cherry tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, eggplant, eggs, dark chocolate, and maple syrup) sounded like a fun challenge and it certainly was! Who knew Tabasco could spice up more than just my eggs in the morning? We started with Tuna Crudo with Pickled Eggplant (my favorite), then moved to Sea Salt and Vinegar Eggplant Fries, jumped to a tart Tomato Basil Picnic Salad, swooned over Grilled Swordfish with Cilantro-Mint Oil, and now we’re capping this week off with a devilish dessert.   Turns out

No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

My girl is a serious chocolate addict…but who isn’t, right? At 5-years-old she can tell the difference between milk chocolate and dark and devours dark if given the choice. She’s a smart girl but of course, I’m biased. Not only is she the smartest girl in the universe but she’s a toothpick and eats every hour. I would say this is unfair but it’s a condition of being a micro-premie, so I really shouldn’t say I’m jealous but I kind of am. Keeping her fed on a minute by minute schedule is pretty fun because she loves to be in

The BEST snack! Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Crackers

Stop. Before we go any further, I have to say these are irresistibly delicious and I’m actually a little mad that my husband took them with him on his 3 day trail running race this weekend. It’s spring break. I have taken on a few extra clients this month and doubled my work load just in time to have Mia at home all day every day for a week. Makes complete sense, right? No one ever said I was smart. Monday, I thought I was going to get through. With deadlines looming I just took my computer wherever Mia and


chewy chocolate cherry cayenne cookies chewy chocolate cherry cayenne cookies chewy chocolate cherry cayenne cookies chewy chocolate cherry cayenne cookies chewy chocolate cherry cayenne cookies… say that five times fast. Of course you could just sum them up by saying sinful. Simply sinful. These amazing chocolate cookies have a chewy brownie texture with dried cherries and pecans giving an extra tart crunch. Then, then my friends the halo is thrown aside and the horns come out and give you a nice bite of heat. If you wanted to give them a cutesy name call them “angel devil” cookies or “halo horn”