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My two favorite pies are chocolate and pecan. You just can’t beat those two in my book. But when I’ve tried to have the best of both worlds and combine the pies into a Chocolate Pecan Pie it never seems to be good enough. Although tasty, it’s overly sweet for my tastes. So I was lying in bed one night not able to sleep because I was thinking of what to bring for Thanksgiving when the thought of a classic dark chocolate tart with a pecan pie topping crossed through my head. The following day in the kitchen the Dark


classic chocolate tart

6 | August 12, 2011

Months, and months, and months ago I told a friend, one certain Ashley B.{you know the one who used to write the hilarious columns on ISMS about musings of a mid-life mom}, that I would bake her a chocolate tart in exchange for something stupid I did or fogot to do (it’s been so long ago I forgot why). So when her birthday came up this year I thought I would finally make a tart and give it as a gift. I love this recipe because it’s so simple and absolutely undeniably insanely “slap your mother” delicious. After years of trying