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Perfectly Spiced Kid-Friendly Chili!!! Best on hod dogs ;)

Kid-Friendly Chili

3 | March 10, 2013

A bowl of savory chili is one of my family’s favorite meals but I have to get the ingredients just right for everyone or I have a mutiny on my hands. Too spicy and my child turns her nose at it. Too bland and my husband gives me the, “you expect me to eat this look.” To keep the kitchen table at peace, I’ve found the perfect blend of spices and added a few vegetables and beans to pump up the nutrition factor. Chili can be used for more than just chili too! Add a spoonful on a potato, on


Originally I had planned on different post today but I was told I HAD to post this by The Husband and a few friends on my personal Facebook account when I called out for help on which beer (Stella or an IPA) to use in the chili. Unfortunately, since I was not planing on posting this I do not have step bey step photos as usual. Turkey and vegetable green chili is basically a rip off the hatch chile and chicken stew I posted last month after I cleaned New Mexico out of their hatch chilies on a recent trip. It is