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Bananaquac. Sounds completely gross right? I thought so too. Until one day out of frustration while trying to get my daughter to eat avocados I mixed a banana with it. Now six months later she still devours it. Bananas are great sources for fiber and potassium and avocados contain folate, fiber, iron, Vitamin E, and healthy fats. Mixed together and you have an ideal meal. Bananaquac makes 4 oz or 1/2 cup { for baby stage 1 +} 1/2 large banana, peeled 1/2 large avocado, peeled and seeded In a bowl mash banana and avocado with a fork till desired


It’s oatmeal time again. We were out for a while. It was tough, real tough but I got a chance to make a couple weeks worth and now we have a happy baby. Here’s an updated take on the first stage 1 oatmeal recipe post: oatmeal is everywhere. This recipe makes 2 large adult servings or 1 ice-cube tray (for storing) and a little left over for baby. We’re making it this morning to get Tim fueled up for his upcoming race this weekend in Ft.Woth. Note: pears, apples, cherries, and raisins are all on the “dirty dozen” list of


As the name suggests, this is a quick and healthy breakfast for baby. Mia of course loves it and devours it every time. Why else would I make it so much? This recipe is one for the older baby who is ready for more texture and finger food. For a smoother veggie and egg breakfast for the younger baby check out “Butternut Squash and Egg Breakfast.” Hopefully, you can use this as a starting point for your own egg recipes. Add different veggies, cheeses and whatever you can come up with that your baby can handle! Enjoy! Eggs are an

popeye and olive oyl

If Popeye and Olive Oyl ever made a meal together for Swee’Pea this is what it would be. Spinach, mango and pear purée. It’s slightly sweet flavor makes it easily enjoyable for babies, Mia in particular. Why wait till baby is 10 months to serve spinach? Spinach is high in nitrates and by giving baby spinach at that age would ensure that the body is ready to handle nitrates. For more information on nitrates read the Nitrate Article by Wholesome Baby Spinach, Mango, and Pear Puree You will need: 2 medium mangos 1 pear, pears are on the “dirty dozen list”

spinach and sweet potato quiche

To save myself some time in the morning from cooking everyone’s breakfast I spent about thirty minutes and cooked up a batch of theses, spinach and sweet potato quiche. Mia has mixed emotions about these. You have to catch her in the right mood for her to really enjoy these. She would rather have scrambled eggs but I think it’s a texture thing. This is more of a toddler food and she’s at that in-between stage. So I needed a second opinion and who did I go to? The neighbors baby and she liked them so it’s a go. Spinach

This is one of Mia’s all time favs. It is a stage 2 food if you use the egg yolk and a stage 3 if you use the entire egg. butternut squash and egg breakfast {for baby} stage 2 or 3 food you will need: 2 cubes (or 2 ounces) of butternut squash puree · see post: simple purees for baby 1 egg or egg yolk (it’s recommended that egg yolks be given after 8 months and whole eggs after 12 months) pinch of Italian seasoning without salt · rosemary, oregano and thyme (optional) whole milk or formula Defrost butternut

I ran out of blueberry puree for Mia and she is now holding my cat for ransom. Poor Athens. I dropped everything I was doing (so laundry will get done later, woo hoo I lead an exciting life these days, a lot different than the days at the magazine or being on tour with my husband in his musician days la la la….enough rambling) what was I saying, oh yeah, I dropped everything and threw this together. She’s old enough now that I mix this with yogurt or a protein. It’s good even if your baby is pass the stage