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burrata sauteed tomatoes

In Once Upon A Time time, I was in the land of Chicago, ever heard of it? I was there for a whopping two days and most of those days I was working. But on one fateful night I was able to venture out a whole two blocks from my hotel room. Of course, I got lost because this Texas girl did not understand the whole street on top of another street thing they’ve got going on there. Thankfully, I found my way to a fabulous restaurant, The Purple Pig. I was not alone that night as two amazing ladies

asparagus fries 2

In all of this tragedy lately with the bombings at the Boston Marathon and the horrifying explosion in West, Texas it’s been hard to stay positive. I woke up last week with this poem in my head and it’s been stuck in there ever since. I’m thankful for it because it keeps me smiling. Wish you all the best and thanks for hanging around with me and my sock monkey slippers in the kitchen through the years. Cheers.

Delicious and garlicky hummus flat bread!

I’m not going to give you a story that normally accompanies a post today because I want to get to this recipe as fast as possible. We’ll talk about the fact later that my daughter just walked in covered head-to-toe with rhinestones and asked where the hot glue gun is.

Shhh. Be still my beating heart. What? I said shhh. The photo explains it all. Soft velvety potatoes with just a little bite. Cooked slowly to absorb the cheesy creamy goodness of it all. Who doesn’t like scalloped potatoes? These little individual portions are intensly delicious with creamy parmesan and fresh thyme. Elegant enough to serve at a dinner party or just for everyday at the family meal. Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes Stacks are our family’s newest obsession. Parmesan Scalloped Potato Stacks makes 12 50 minutes cooking time  2 garlic cloves 1 shallot 2 cups half and half * 1 cup


This is the time of year for persimmons and one of my absolute favorite ways to eat a persimmon is how my mother-in-law makes them. When there’s a good harvest from the persimmon tree at the ranch she peels them, slices them, rolls them up in a piece of prosciutto with a jalapeno slice, and bakes them until the prosciutto is nice and crispy. Prosciutto wrapped persimmons with jalapenos are the perfect spicy, salty, and sweet appetizer for your dinner table. Just how we like it here in Texas! This recipe is a part of the Gojee Potluck series.


Cremini Mushroom Crostini

9 | October 25, 2011

When Reader’ recently asked me what my favorite quick appetizer was I immediately thought of this one. With the change of the seasons and the holidays knocking at my door, unexpected guests or spur of the moment dinner parties are always happening at our house. I’m always happy to have friends and family over and have learned to keep the pantry and fridge full during this time of year so I can quickly feed everyone. One of my favorite appetizers to throw together at a moments notice is this Cremini Mushroom Crostini. Cremini Mushroom Crostini (also known as Cremini Crostini, fun to say isn’t it?) is a delicious savory blend of garlic, shallots, cremini mushrooms, and