springtime at the ranch

4 | March 30, 2010

I love springtime at the ranch. Everything is refreshed and begining a new cycle of life.

Speaking of new cycles of life, In Sock Monkey Slippers will soon be making some changes. New look, new address, and new features coming in May!

Tomorrow’s post: Meredith had a little lamb. It’s now in her oven. Happy Easter!


  • Heather Steele

    Hey my offer still stands to help you with the template for your new site. Just let me know if you need it. There’s also thousands of free ones available!

    • in sock monkey slippers

      thanks but I think we’ve got it under control. Rain check on future ftp questions if the offer still stands!

      • Heather Steele

        Definitely! Just say the word. I’m hoping you’ll let me help with something so I can get some awesome foods stuff in return ;)

  • the husband

    Your pics made me smile. I wanna go back tomorrow!

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