smaller than a dollar bill

11 | August 21, 2010

What’s smaller than a dollar bill? A lot of things but in a million years I would have never guessed that a diaper would be on that list. You can imagine my surprise when I first changed my daughter’s diaper. Not only was it a tiny diaper but we had to roll it down just to fit! Those were the days of the NICU. The days of constantly beeping monitors, frightening alarms, and a truckload of hope.

I am sharing this with you today because we were recently asked to help the children’s hospital that saved Mia’s life. The new Scott and White Children’s Hospital in Temple, Texas. For those of you who don’t live in Texas or don’t know yet, Scott and White is transforming the old King’s Daughters Hospital to an entire hospital just for children. It will be the only stand alone children’s hospital in central Texas and we were honored to help!

I won’t go into the details but we were asked to bring some personal items from our days in the NICU. As I was going through a box I haven’t opened in 16 months I was brought to tears when I found this tiny little diaper. The diaper I always struggled to put on. It was so small and so was my daughter. We had to be careful not to lift her too high or move her in a way that would cause her harm in those days. Every move was critical as it had the possibility of increasing her brain hemorrhage or disturbing her ventilator and breathing. It was so awkward and surreal trying to put this ittybitty thing on something the size of a kitten and the care we had to take to do so made us feel like we were members of the bomb squad. I remember trying to calm myself down by imaging myself adorned in a massive bomb suit and saying in my head, “What ever you do do not cut the red wire…wait or is it the blue wire?! Crap.” I laugh at in now, thankful that there wasn’t a hidden camera to capture my fumbling nervous hands during those intense diaper changing moments.

I look at her everyday thanking God for her life but yesterday, the first time I opened up that box from the NICU, I was reminded at how far she has come, how much she has grown, and a sigh of relief that I don’t have to use those incredibly small diapers anymore. Isn’t funny how much we hold onto items that remind us how much our children have grown?


  • mama23bears

    honestly, what a miracle she is! it’s amazing that babies born so small can survive & thrive. thank God for modern medicine & all the technology available for these tiny babies!!

  • ashley

    itsy bitsy teeny weeny!! great post!!!!

  • Donna Montalbo

    This would be great posted somewhere in the NICU to help give other NICU parents hope & encouragement! Working in the NICU I’ve never thought of it as being part of a bomb squad but in a way I guess it is sort of…lol!

    • In Sock Monkey Slippers

      HAHA! I don’t know how y’all do it! I’m bringing you all bomb suits for christmas!

  • the husband

    Yeah, I remember the fear all too well. “Lift her hips up so you don’t hurt her back. No WAIT not that high, or you could cause too much blood flow to her brain and worsen the hemmorage!” I don’t know how we all got through that.

  • Bonnie

    I feel like I should have a hazmat suit on but only because my child has a talent for the stinky. Good post

  • Mela Davidson

    Hi Meredith! I just was exposed to your blog!!!How awesome! I love it!! I do miss you guys. Mia is so big now! I am glad that you all are doing well! Hope to see you at the NICU reunion on 10-10-10! Smooches!

    Mela Davidson

    • In Sock Monkey Slippers

      MELA! We miss you too and will see you fro the NICU reunion! Wouldn’t miss it!

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