Orange Broccoli Chicken

0 | March 2, 2014

Orange Chicken

Sometimes we need an easy and simple weeknight meal. Especially on those days that the dog has chewed up my favorite set of slippers, the child is in one of those moods that nothing will please her, laundry has miraculously and spontaneously exploded in every room of the house, I missed a deadline, and I think that might have been a hairball that I just stepped on. It’s days like today that I just go for a classic meal that everyone will enjoy or at least keep them quite for 15 minutes.

Tender bites of chicken and broccoli coated with a sinfully delicious orange sauce, this Orange Broccoli Chicken recipe is a simple and quick meal for any night of the week and you can find the recipe on

get the recipe for Orange Broccoli Chicken


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