Jack, Don’t Roll in the Cow….!

1 | May 25, 2011

This is Jack. Jack recently ran into my arms on my front porch and never left. This past weekend we took Jack to the ranch for the first time. He was in absolute heaven. It was on a walk one morning that he smelled an irresistible smell he had never experienced before. In seconds he was after the trail to… the corral.

I fell in love with him even more to see him this happy and was surprised when he obeyed all of the comands we have been working on except…


That’s not dirt. Oh no no no.


I’ll just remember him from this weekend this way.



  • Arlene Brown

    I am anxious to try the cinnamon carrot chips. I am always looking for healthy alternatives to the common crudités.

    Love Jack! He looks like a true and honest friend for life.

    Thanks for your fun, delicious recipes.

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