Is It Local?

2 | March 7, 2012

Is it local?

What does it eat?

Does the chicken/cow/duck/pig get to roam free?

Is it free range? How long is it outside?

I’m going to ask you one more time, is it local?



Did it get time to dance and play with it’s friends?

Organic, right?

All questions I caught myself asking the farmers at the market this past weekend. That’s why I choked on my coffee this morning watching this clip from Portlandia. It’s a good thing I’m not a farmer or waitress or people would be wearing my food and not eating it. God bless you.

This whole/local/organic/no hormone/antibiotic free/ not processed concept can be a little overwhelming and verging on the side of hilarity but it’s so important in a day where there are daily reports of this chemical in the food you are eating right now as you are reading this will give you cancer and make you loose the big toe on your right foot.

Sorry farmers, I’ll be back next Saturday. See you then!

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  • Korinne

    Thanks for this. Sometimes we all need to laugh at ourselves!

  • Judith

    This is hysterical!

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