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7 | July 30, 2010

Years ago in a bar in Denton, Texas just south of the line where the red dirt turns black a young wide-eyed blond hair girl meets a wild, one of a kind, guitar playing boy. Boy flirts with girl and girl turns him down because of her bartender boyfriend. Boy returns monthly to play a show at the bar and of course girl is always there. Half a year later and single, girl finally gives into boy when she can no longer resist the boy’s charm and songs. Boy takes girl on their first date and boy asks girl to marry him three hours later. Girl smiles and thinks he’s crazy but knows it’s true. She has to look no further. Forty-eight hours later after a marathon of John Wayne movies and endless talking the date ends and girl returns home with her heart bursting out of her chest. Two weeks pass. Boy takes girl to the family ranch, sings a song of dreams to her and she knows she will never leave the boys side. Months pass. Girl leaves school for the summer and follows boy and his music to Canada. Girl falls deeper for boy, sees bears, smells flowers taller than she, drinks Canadian beer and finds herself “getting married” by a drunk Canadian priest in a small bar somewhere in the mountains of Canada where everyone has a crazy accent after one of the boy’s shows. Girl falls even deeper for boy and the cigar wrapper she has for a ring. Weeks later girl finds herself back in Texas in the desert dancing with a 100 year old man with a crowd watching while the boy sings a song he wrote for her in a little place called Terlingua. Later that night the boy and girl dance for hours under a full moon in the desert with no one around except for the coyotes serenading not too far away. The girl’s heart hurts from being so full. After a while, girl returns to college and leaves boy behind. With the boy in her head school was hopeless and eventually girl leaves school for boy. As time passes the adventures don’t. Despite a horrifying car wreck, running from a crazy gun toting Mexican horse cartel, long nights on the road, and being places she never imagined she would ever be, girl still falls deeper for boy. Finally, after a year of a whirlwind love, boy takes girl on up on the highest hill of his family’s ranch, the same place he took her a year before, kneels down on one knee and officially asks her to be his bride. After a year of romance, roaming bears, crazy Canadians, dust devils, moon lit deserts, howling coyotes, and Mexican horse thieves girl says yes to boy with gunfire bursting from the valley below. Six months later on July 30 2005, with family and friends surrounding them, the girl has an answer to the boy’s first question to her three hours into their first date…

I Do.

Five years later, our family is complete with our “little bear.” Our lives are greatly different but I still love you just as much and even more than that moment on the K when I told you I would be yours forever. We have gone through rough roads, climbed high mountains, experienced loss, and witnessed a miracle. I can’t imagine anyone else that I would rather be with…and yes, I do dream of you too. Happy anniversary.

Your Bear

Dream of Me ©Tim Steele Music 2005

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  • Kristen

    What a wonderful post! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  • Lynne

    Beautifully written post!
    You made me laugh as I am Canadian and sometimes things get fabulously crazy in this country, you made me weepy too as I’m a sucker for love stories.
    Happy Anniversary, my hearts prayer for you would be that you would be as happy with your love as I am with mine.
    Wishing you many, many more years of adventure, laughter and love :)

  • Maria

    Happy Anniversary! What a cute post!

  • KLZ

    What a wonderful, lovely tribute to what sounds like a great guy.

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