first post in sock monkey slippers…

0 | January 6, 2010

Ok. I never, NEVER, never thought I would start a blog. It’s just not me. I mean really, do you care what I am doing 24 hours of the day? I guess a small part of you does if you are reading this. Anyway, my name is Meredith and I live in a 1930’s stone house. I am married to the most amazing man! He’s a wonderful father, fantastic runner, a great hunter / fisherman/ outdoorsman, musician by heart and he stole my heart the moment he said he would take me to Big Bend. We have a beautiful daughter who has as much fight and determination in her little pinky finger than all of us combined. She came into this world sixteen weeks early last year weighing only one pound and thirteen ounces (if you want to see her whole story visit It’s been a long journey but she is doing fantastic now. Since she was so early and spent five months in the hospital, the doctors have asked us to keep her out of daycare and at home until she is at least two. Which brings me here, in front of the computer in sock monkey slippers. Since I left my job as a graphic designer over a year ago and became a stay-at-home mom I guess you could say I’m yearning for a creative outlet. So, here I am writing about my daily adventures with Mia, homemade baby food recipes, and other amusing things in my life.

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