confessions of the mamahood #6

18 | August 24, 2010

Welcome to another Confessions of the Mamahood! My favorite time of the week because it keeps me laughing all day long! We all know what I’m talking about. Those incidences that you are afraid to tell your husband/wife and never in a million years speak of it to your mother-in-law!  Well, fret no more. Every Tuesday release your inner guilt here! We all can relate because we’ve all been there. We could all use a good laugh.

So, let it out! just click on the word “comments” above this headline and get started.


  • Mary macky

    OMG! I actually left my 5 year old in Old Navy on tax free weekend! Walked right out with my two other children and got in the car. It wasn’t until I realized it was too quite and we were pulling out of the parking space that he wasn’t there! When I went in to get him he hadn’t even realized we were gone. So, I guess he won’t be holding it over my head the rest of his life. whew

    • Altaira

      My dad left me at Kmart when I was a kid. And I turned out ok (well, mostly ok). ;-) I only heard about this after I had my first baby…so maybe it’s something you can share with him later!

  • Blake K.

    I told my MIL we were on vacation this weekend so I didn’t have to see her.

  • Harper L.

    My kids just got invited to a neighbors birthday party for next weekend. They are the neighbors from hell and I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this one! Thinking about sudden vacation or massive illness.

  • lizzy

    Late period, sore boobs, nausea, and 4 children in the house. Not looking forward to going to the drug store today. sigh

  • Kristen karry

    I’m a hypocrite! I shove green veggies, brown rice and low-fat yogurt down my children’s throats and yesterday I drove through a Whataburger and scarfed down a burger, fries and a coke while everyone was at school! The worst part was that it was totally worth it!!!

  • Meredith In Sock Monkey Slippers

    Good stuff already love it!!! I’m going to have to think about what I did this week. It’s in there somewhere and I’ll post soon right after a battle this horrific upcoming diaper change!

  • Katie m

    I’ve only been a mom for 11 months, so I’m pretty new to crappy parenthood, but I’ve had a few bad situations in this short period of time. The most recent was a few weeks ago. My daughter has just learned how to walk and naturally it follows that she is interested in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING she shouldn’t be. When I was making dinner she followed me into the kitchen and while I made sure to install cabinet locks a few weeks prior, I did not install locks on the silverware drawers, foolishly believing that she couldn’t reach them. Apparently she can reach everything, even things that appear to be 17 feet above her head because she reached up and grabbed the drawer handle, which caused the drawer to go flying open for some reason, smashing my daughter in the forehead, which knocked her down onto the kitchen floor as steak knives flew through the air and gently landed around her like freshly fallen snow (she was fine).

    10 minutes later she’s still in the kitchen with me (BECAUSE I DON’T LEARN) and I realize she was being awfully quiet (BECAUSE I DON’T LEARN) and I look over and she’s eaten the entire contents of the cat’s food bowl (Iams Weight Control, for those interested).

    My husband now watches her while I make dinner. Because I am clearly incapable of keeping my child alive while doing so.

  • Brooke

    I’m so excited that school has started! I can now play Guitar Hero after my kids leave for school because I would finally like to beat them one day.

  • Mary

    Just realized I sent my son to his second day of school with his sister’s Cinderella lunch box. Poor kid

  • Melinda

    I ran out to the car to get something when my daughter was about 18 months old and she closed the door behind me and it was locked and I couldn’t get back in. I tried to get her to turn the doorknob but she couldn’t do it. So I had to call for help and have someone cut the window out and unlock the door and then they put the pane back in for me. I felt so bad because she was in there all alone but she was happy and smiling at me through the window the whole time.

  • Tara hill

    I pretended to be in a deep deep sleep this morning so my husband would tend to the baby.

  • Berkley

    I let my baby throw food on the floor and let the dogs eat it.

  • meredith in sock Monkey Slippers

    Ok here it is. I’m going to come clean because I know this must be my fault (although the husband has to share some of the credit). Last week our sweet little Mia crossed over to the dark side. As I was cooking dinner one night Mia came into the kitchen, looked straight at me and said f*&k. Yep. She didn’t learn that from Elmo. Now she just walks around the house singing fu*k, fu*k, fu*k. We are trying to change it to fun. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Mommy Lisa

    I like your confession best. My daughter asked me if I thought her belly was fat yet. Uhhhhh you are four. I said no and she got really mad and said she couldn’t wait to get bigger and have a fat belly like me.


  • Mrs. MidAtlantic

    Laura didn’t finish her oatmeal last night. So I did. I don’t think Weight Watchers has Gerber pre-loaded in the points tracker.

  • Mandy

    Dayanna was loudly protesting being in her stroller one day in Hobby Lobby. She was getting to the “really annoying” point and these older ladies were giving me the “get your kid under control” look. So I went down the aisle right next to them where they couldn’t see us and firmly told Dayanna “Child, that’s enough. Be quiet.” I then quietly fed her a mum-mum and she shut right up. All thanks to my in-charge parenting skills. Wink.

  • Thyme

    lol! My son is twenty and I’ve been there and done pretty much all that too. These are things that we’ve all done and probably won’t tell our kids until they have children of their own. Our kids will still turn out well-adjusted and well-loved. :) Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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