Crispy Chili Lime Baked Wings

41 | January 28, 2014

CRISPY Cilantro Lime Baked Wings

There’s supposed to be a big football game on this weekend, right? None of my teams made it to the Super Bowl this year. We were just off on so many levels and I can’t even begin to comprehend when a Texas team will make it anywhere near past one playoff game. There will be a day though – I still have faith, people! So, for now I’m going to make the best of it and throw the best Super Bowl party that I know how.

Game day isn’t complete without wings but I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I hate to fry anything. It’s mostly due to the fact that my kitchen just isn’t set up for it (my vent hood will be the end of me) and to be honest, we all know it’s just not good for you. Unfortunately, wings are traditionally deep fried but I didn’t want to lose out on serving wings for game day. I had to come up with a plan of attack and I knew the only way to crispy baked wings was using the same technique as I roast chickens. LOOK at that photo! You can’t deny that these wings don’t look temptingly crispy and deep fried but I promise you they are not! Listen up closely as I’m about to share with you the secret to crispy BAKED wings. Remember these words… high and dry.

Technically baked usually means healthy, right. Now, I’m not going to pretend these are healthy for you in any way. You’re eating chicken skin and there’s no way of getting around that unless you go skinless — but by eliminating the added fat that you would bring by frying, you end up with fewer fat grams and calories. So, that’s something, right?

But seriously and honestly I will tell you this, I would pick these wings and this method of cooking wings over deep fried any day. Incredibly crispy yet tender, these wings are everything a wing should be. Coated with a zesty lime and chili sauce, these Chili Lime Baked Wings are some of the best game day grub. Here’s the low down…

Crispy Chili Lime Baked Wings

chicken wings

Start by preheating your oven to 450°F (high heat). Set the wings out at room temperature for 30 minutes. Here’s the important part…pat dry the wings as best as you can and place them on a rimmed baking sheet or a cast iron skillet, for best results. Don’t even add oil or salt — it will only make the wings and drumlets sweat and that’s where most baked chicken recipes fail.

baked wings

Bake, flipping once, for 50 minutes. LOOK HOW CRISPY! Cooked in their own fat, you don’t need hydrogenated processed oils to fry! They just drown out the flavor and add unnecessary fat. By baking these at a high temp, the chicken wings fry themselves.

compound butter

Make a compound butter of cilantro, chili, and lime.

sauced wings

Toss to coat…

baked wings2

and serve. A crackling flavor explosion fit for any party. Cheers and may your team (go Broncos) win!

Crispy Chili Lime Baked Wings

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 50 minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes

Yield: serves 6

Crispy Chili Lime Baked Wings

Unlock the secret to CRISPY Baked wings. Coated with a zesty lime and chili sauce, these Chili Lime Baked Wings are a crackling flavor explosion fit for any game day party!


  • 3 pounds chicken wings and drumlets
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup fresh cilantro
  • 1 Serrano pepper, minced
  • Zest and juice of 1 lime
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt


  1. Set wings out at room temperature 30 minutes prior to baking. Preheat oven to 450°F.
  2. With paper towels, pat dry the wings and drumlets. Being careful not to overcrowd, place the wings and drumlets on a rimmed baking sheet, roasting pan, or for optimal results, a cast iron skillet; the heavier the better. If using a cast iron skillet you may have to bake in two batches or use two skillets depending on the size of your skillet. Bake in the oven for 35 minutes, flip, and continue to bake for 15 additional minutes, or until the golden.
  3. While the wings are baking, combine butter, cilantro, Serrano, lime juice and zest, and salt in a food processor. Pulse until the cilantro is chopped and everything is combined. You can also do this by hand in a bowl, just chop the cilantro and dice the Serrano with a knife before mixing.
  4. Place the compound butter in a large bowl. When the wings have finished baking, place the wings and drumlets in the bowl and toss to coat with the chili lime butter. Serve.


To serve for children, simply omit the Serrano pepper or the sauce entirely.


  • Paula - bell'alimento

    Why oh why must you live in Texas!

    • In Sock Monkey Slippers

      Because it’s the best state ever! Sorry, but you opened yourself up for that one. Move here!

  • Matt

    Seriously lady! This is happening on Sunday!

  • Kelli

    I’ve got a massive cast iron and never thought to bake wings in it. Thank you so much! Going to do this soon!

  • Matthew Horbund - mmwine

    Touchdown! Great flavors! I’m going to have to try these! I’ve seen all sort of wing recipes, but this one seems to have really caught my eye!


  • Lisa Bailey

    Well that couldn’t be easier! My hubs loves baked wings but I’ve never been very good at it. Going to try this Sunday!

  • anna @ annamayeveryday

    Those look fabulous and I too dislike and therefore don’t deep fry. These are going straight on the menu for the weekend!

  • Meagan @ A Zesty Bite

    Easy and beautiful wings. Never thought wings would look so gorgeous.

  • Becca @ Crumbs and Chaos

    I love using cast iron. These wings look amazing!! Such a fantastic flavor combo :)

  • Lauren @ Healthy Delicious

    Crispy chicken skin is pretty much the best thing ever. As is the chili lime combo. These look awesome!

  • Angie

    Oh my gosh, do these look perfect! I’ll be making half our wings like this this Sunday!

  • Meghan @ The Tasty Fork

    I LOVE baked wings! I’m always looking for a creative sauce recipe and this one fits the bill. How delish!!!

  • Lisa Bailey

    I just made these and OMG they are delicious and so simple. Will make again for Game Day! Thanks Meredith.

  • Kristen Pyle

    Going tonight to get the ingredients to make these for our Super Bowl party! Can’t wait to try them!! Awesome recipe.

  • Nicole, RD

    I love serrano peppers and we love spicy in my house. Oh, and wings…we love wings. All over these babies!

  • Huger m

    Just made these and they are FABULOUS!!!!! The best baked wings by far. I ‘ll never fry again. Thank you

  • Jack Logan

    I’ve made many upon many baked wing recipes. I’ve boiled and baked, sauced and baked , oiled and baked and every recipe ends up with fatty slimy wings. No amount of sauce can hide that rubbery texture. I was very doubtful about this but have it a try. I was not disappointed! Finally there’s a baked wing recipe that works! I used a roasting pan and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

  • Kelli

    Wow ! I can’t way to try this! Other baked recipes never work but I’ll give these a try.

  • Erin | The Law Student's Wife

    Oh. My. Goodness! These wings look like an explosion of flavor on a plate. I love all of your flavors and the fact that they are baked. **Applause**

  • Leslie

    We made these last night and it was a hit! The skin crisped up so well. I used an old roasting pan because it was large enough to bake them all at once.

  • Devon

    I’m so excited to make these!!!! I knw my husband is going to die. I only hope my execution is right on. Thanks for the post.

  • De

    I would like to make these (they sound fabulous!) for my granddaughter’s grad party – Mexican theme of course! – and wonder if I can make them a day ahead of time and then reheat in a crockpot the next day?

    • In Sock Monkey Slippers

      That sounds great! I’m not a crock pot expert so I’m not sure if they would remain crispy. It’s worth a shot. If I were you, I would reheat them in the oven, 325°F until warmed. Just my thoughts though. Cheers and congrats to your daughter!

  • angfunk

    These are ah-mazing!! Made them last night and my husband and I ate them all along with those yummy potato stacks!! thank you! love you’re site

  • djuoh

    Making these for the third time today. I personally want to thank you for this recipe. I tend to like them spicy so I add a jalapenos in lieu of the the Serrano Pepper. Amazingly, these stay crispy after being in the fridge overnight. Thanks again!

    • In Sock Monkey Slippers

      So glad you liked them! It’s one of those recipes that we absolutely love too!

  • Chastity

    LOVE these! I made sure the wings were dried with paper towels prior to baking. I also used non-stick aluminum lined baking sheets. The compound butter that was used to toss the wings in after… is f’in AWESOME! We don’t like spicy, so I just used black pepper instead of the serrano peppers.

    OH… and I also used the same technique to make lemon pepper wings. I just combined lemon juice, butter, black pepper, and salt

  • beatrix

    Seriously amazing wings. Share it with everyone I know!

  • beatrix

    Making these again! This recipe is seriously perfect. I never follow a recipe precisely. I always read it and im like it would be better like this or that or using this technique. But this recipe .. its 100% perfect it cannot in any way be improved. Such a great recipe! !!!!

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