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You don’t want to miss this one! Join H-E-B and I as we talk about living a healthy lifestyle. I will be joined by the two wonderful registered dietitians, Kylie Bentley RD,LD,CLT and Lorena Kaplen, RD, LD, and we will be answering any of your questions about living healthier. Plus we have wonderful prizes to giveaway! So, please join us Wednesday night as we sit back, relax, and talk about feeding our families, tricks to make your favorite meals healthier, tips for picky eaters, and much more! Comment at the end of this post with questions, topics, or healthy recipes


Happy Holidays!

4 | December 21, 2012

From my kitchen to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! Thank you for reading InSockMonkeySlippers and thank you for always keeping me entertained. Cheers!


on vacation…

7 | May 17, 2012

The slippers are packed and the computer is turned off. I’m currently either hiking on a mountain or having a cocktail by the fire. If you don’t hear from me for a long time I have been eaten by a bear or I am thoroughly lost in the mountains. If the latter is the case, I’m living off the land and will soon be bringing a whole new blog about how to feed a family on twigs, berries, and wild game as soon as I get rescued. If I’ve been eaten by a bear… well it was nice knowing you

Is It Local?

2 | March 7, 2012

Is it local? What does it eat? Does the chicken/cow/duck/pig get to roam free? Is it free range? How long is it outside? I’m going to ask you one more time, is it local? Organic? GMO’s? Did it get time to dance and play with it’s friends? Organic, right? All questions I caught myself asking the farmers at the market this past weekend. That’s why I choked on my coffee this morning watching this clip from Portlandia. It’s a good thing I’m not a farmer or waitress or people would be wearing my food and not eating it. God bless

grandmother copy

Hello. I’m alive. This is either a relief or a huge disappointment to some of you. As most of you pointed out to me through e-mail, twitter, and facebook I have been AWOL form the blog since December and for that I apologize. “What happened?” “Where are you?” “Are you ok?” “Damn it lady I need more food.” “Have you been abducted by Aliens?” “No seriously, where are you?” “It was aliens, wasn’t it?” “I’m a dude I can’t follow recipes, I need more step by step photos. Where did you go.” <- one of my favorites All words from

Screen shot 2011-10-14 at 2.44.20 PM

Ever wanted to know a little bit more about me? What? I’ll pretend you didn’t just say that and instead said, “Why of course Meredith. I woke up this morning with that exact same question in my head.” Good, because just published a little interview of this lady in her sock monkey slippers. You can find it as apart of their Kitchen Careers feature. To tell you the truth I can’t stop smiling thinking of that little girl who always had her head in the clouds and who’s favorite TV shows were The French Gormet, Yan Can Cook, The Frugal


I don’t know about you, but fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. It finally starts cooling down here in Texas (except for this year), Hatch Chiles are in season, football is everywhere and hunting season begins. Now, I haven’t been a big hunter in the past. I grew up fishing and love to bass fish at our family ranch but with water scarce and my love of cooking and eating wild game (view most favored wild game recipe on ISMS) I figured it was time for me to join the boys and start hunting. With hunting license in


While Mia and Jack are napping, the groceries are in bags on the floor, it’s 110°F outside (no, that’s not an exaggeration), and the article who’s deadline is 8pm tonight is still in my head, I am procrastinating by bringing you this little photo montage. Enjoy.

tim steele/ The Cosmic DustDevils

a 40th birthday blowout

0 | July 27, 2011

If you follow ISMS religiously like I know all of you do {wink wink} then you noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. For that I apologize because I know going a day without a new ISMS post can just ruin your week. The reason I have been AWOL  lately is that I was secretly planning a surprise party for my husband’s 40th birthday. After 6 months of planing, lying, and pulling my hair out, the party was a complete success and one of the best parties I’ve planned in a while. Here are a few things I did


{UPDATE · April 13, 2011} GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED · The winner is Kim with the comment, “Too funny! This is totally my life.” Thanks to the amazing folks at The Pampered Chef, not only do you have a chance to help me win a $3500 Pampered Chef Shopping spree and a $125 SpaFinder certificate and a chance for you to win the same through The Pampered Chef Facebook page but NOW I have been given an Easy Brie-zy Pizza Set (valued at $115) to giveaway to one of you during this contest! You know how I love pizza


I have been waiting impatiently for my daughter to start holding conversations. I envisioned long serious conversations like what hairstyle should she give the cat, or what goes better in pancakes, chocolate or blueberries. The days are finally getting here but still coming very slowly. So when little Miss Mia was battling a nasty virus/ear infection this past week and had not said a single word to me in days, it didn’t phase me. What did cause me to take a long bath with a martini was what happened when The Husband walked in the door from work. words of


Things that go through my head at 3am while I’m giving Mia a breathing treatment from a recent bout with RSV: ” How long have I had that bag of flour in the pantry and how do you know when it goes bad…does flour go bad?….Will Mumford and Sons ever come out with a new album?…Will Elmo ever go away?…If I could live anywhere in the world where would it be?… How the hell I going to squeeze my foot into a 41/2 inch heel for an upcoming wedding?…and I need a spray tan before I go to San Francisco