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Around here we always seem to be “on the go” and it’s a daily task to keep our lunches healthy and fast. One way we keep the fast food line at bay are smoothies. Smoothies are very enticing for kids and delicious year round. The best part about packing a smoothie for your children’s school lunch or a meal at work is to make it the night before, store it in a freezable container, freeze it, pack it the next day, and once it’s time to eat lunch the smoothie has thawed into a cold delicious treat. One of our favorites


Madeleine Crème Brûlée

3 | August 26, 2011

A little while ago, a pretty little white box arrived at my doorstep filled with Donsuemor Madeleines and no, it wasn’t a dream. I was so excited because the only place you can find a madeleine in this town short of making them yourself is at the local chain coffee shop and trust me that comes no where close to a traditional one. Of course I ripped the box open, with dignity and grace mind you, and tasted my first Donsuemor Madeleine. It was perfectly moist, slightly sweet, and just the right amount of crispness to bite into. Just like the ones I


Some of you may remember the week long giveaways I did in December. On one of those days we gave away a Beaba Babycook. After that, I was asked to do a review of this one-of-a-kind baby food making appliance. At first I was a little hesitant as I have relied on my oven and food processor to do most of my baby food making and did not see the need for yet another appliance in my kitchen. But the moment I made my first puree with this little green wonder I knew I was wrong. The Beaba Babycook is an