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Copper Rover Salmon - Cordova, Alaska #salmon #travel #copperriversalmon

I woke up with a brisk breeze in the air, the sound of water gently breaking, and the never setting sun peaking in my window. My eyes creaked open to stunning mountains and glass waters to realize I’d woken up in Alaska — a far cry from dry hot Texas. For over a year now, I’d dreamt of the moment I finally saw the waters where the Copper River Salmon, a salmon that has bewitched me lately, originate. What I thought was going to be a trip to see a fish turned into much more when I realized it’s not


For years now, I’ve been following the tasty career of a fellow Texan, Lisa Fain. Y’all know her as the one and only Homesick Texan. Her blog is overflowing with mouthwatering Texas and Tex-Mex flavors I grew up with and her recipes are authentic, fresh, and come from the heart. Even though she lives half a country away from our glorious state, she’s a seventh-generation Texan with a fierce stack of homemade recipes to proudly represent what good ol’ Texas homecookin’ is all about. Lisa has done it again and successfully published her second best selling cookbook, Homesick Texan’s Family


Just because you have an army of little hands and feet to feed doesn’t mean you should be strapped to the kitchen in fear of not being able to enjoy a good meal out on the town. Luckily, I live in a city that boasts itself on being family friendly even when it comes to food and trust me — we take full advantage. With my husband in the restaurant business and me being a professional food fanatic, we’re always toting our family and friends around the city with us on the weekends. From food trucks to family home cooking,

Copper River Salmon Poached in Tomato and Garlic Broth

Since I can remember my nickname has been Bear, so it’s fitting that salmon is by far my favorite fish. Sashimi, poached, pan seared, grilled, cedar planked — I will eat it all. It’s pretty ridiculous. That’s why when Copper River Salmon asked this Texas girl to be apart of this summer’s Copper River Salmon season I was elated. Hmm…let me see, a summers worth of cooking the freshest and finest salmon in the world? That wasn’t hard for me to say yes to. I think it was harder to say “yes” to my husband when he asked me to

the farm - favorite cookbooks from

My Favorite Cookbooks for Christmas

X | December 15, 2012

Along with, “Where do you get sock money slippers?” and “What camera do you use?” it’s one of the most common e-mails I get… What cookbooks do you recommend? I love cookbooks because you can never stop learning and being inspired and I’m really particular on what I define as a good cookbook. First of all it must inspire me to cook. If it doesn’t it goes in the donate pile. Second, the recipes have to be fresh and creative. Third, it should have a clean design and stunning or informative photography. With those three criteria (and it’s a bonus

dahlia bakery truffle cookies

Chocolate Truffle Cookies. Three little words that pack a mighty punch. Then add “Dahlia Bakery” to to that and you know you have one of the best cookies on this planet. For those of you who don’t know, the Dahlia Bakery is located in Seattle and known through out the country as one of the nation’s best bakeries. Luckily, you can satisfy your craving for the Dahlia Bakery’s irresistible food even if you don’t live near Seattle. Seattle’s most popular chef and James Beard Outstanding Restaurateur Award winner Tom Douglas shares his secrets for 125 scrumptious treats in his new

the ultimate pairing knife - new west knife works

The Ultimate Paring Knife

86 | December 11, 2012

Can a simple paring knife be sexy? Normally I would say, no until I found this paring knife from New West Knife Works and let me tell you it’s the sexiest little knife I’ve ever had in my hand. Seriously. Not only gorgeous, the Fusionwood 2.0 Paring Knife is one of the best performing knives I now own. Made with powder metal super steel CPM S35VN combined with their unique blade shape and grinding method, New West Knife Works creates a paring knife unparallelled in performance. Basically… this knife is amazing. I put it to the test the other day by


Coq au vin – roster with wine – is a French dish where a roster is slowly braised in red wine (Burgundy) with mushrooms. This dish is nowhere near that but swerves down the road close to it. This is Coq au Vin’s second cousin, if you will. The black sheep of the family because it went to art school and married a musician. Hmm… that sounds vaguely familiar. I absoulutely love this dish and if you come over to my house for a dinner party you have a good chance of being served this because I can make it

EASY roasted tomato basil sauce via Meredith | InSockMonkeySlippers

The end of summer is here and with it comes some of the year’s best produce. Sweet watermelons, juicy peaches, delicious zucchini and vibrant tomatoes are just a few and you will find the highest quality and most ripe ones at your local farmers market. On a mission form Barilla Pasta, the family and I set out one Sunday morning to our local farmers market to find delicious produce to create a recipe with Barilla PLUS Pasta. Not only did we grab us a car load of goodies, left with bellies full of watermelon, but we had a blast meeting


When my daughter Mia was born, I instantly knew I wanted to give her the best that I possibly could. And for being the whole food snob that I am, there was no other thought but to make my own fresh never jarred baby food for her. I researched and spoke with her doctors on a regular basis and came up with some pretty tasty purees that she loved. Not only did she have the basics but a wide arrange of flavors that I believe helped her transition smoothly into finger and toddler foods. Even though she is going on


Around here we always seem to be “on the go” and it’s a daily task to keep our lunches healthy and fast. One way we keep the fast food line at bay are smoothies. Smoothies are very enticing for kids and delicious year round. The best part about packing a smoothie for your children’s school lunch or a meal at work is to make it the night before, store it in a freezable container, freeze it, pack it the next day, and once it’s time to eat lunch the smoothie has thawed into a cold delicious treat. One of our favorites


Madeleine Crème Brûlée

3 | August 26, 2011

A little while ago, a pretty little white box arrived at my doorstep filled with Donsuemor Madeleines and no, it wasn’t a dream. I was so excited because the only place you can find a madeleine in this town short of making them yourself is at the local chain coffee shop and trust me that comes no where close to a traditional one. Of course I ripped the box open, with dignity and grace mind you, and tasted my first Donsuemor Madeleine. It was perfectly moist, slightly sweet, and just the right amount of crispness to bite into. Just like the ones I