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Havarti Crostini with Cider Caramelized Onions

The holidays are here, and for us that means constant entertaining. Having an array of supplies to throw together for appetizers this time of year is a must and I find cheese is always a pretty good option to stockpile. From cheddar to triple creams, cheese is a bite most people adore. That’s why there’s always a board out on the weekends. This year, I was delighted to add Castello’s Aged Havarti to our rotation. Castello Aged Havarti combines the rich buttery aroma and taste of a creamy havarti with a slightly crunchy texture. It’s this texture that makes this particular cheese

15 dutch oven recipes

Cold days with that fresh nip in the air calls out for warm comfort food and that means dusting off those Dutch oven recipes! My Dutch oven (it’s really a French oven because of it’s enamel coating) is an essential part of my kitchen and probably my favorite tool. From flavorful soups to tender fall-off-the-bone braises my Le Creuset French Oven is in full use in the fall and winter months. Combined with the fact that it’s made with durable heavy duty cast iron for even cooking and has a lifetime guarantee, my French oven is practically priceless! giveaway Before


You’ve just finished off a fabulous dinner party — appetizers, dinner, desserts, but the night’s not over yet. Treat your guests to a coffee cocktail to cap off an epic dinner party and leave people talking. Whenever Tim, the husband, and I are out we like to extend the evening as long as possible — it’s not too often we’re alone, you know. To make the night just a tad longer and to cap off our tastebuds, a coffee with a splash of something special seems to end the night on a high note. Our favorite end-of-the-night drink on a date is

Copper Rover Salmon - Cordova, Alaska #salmon #travel #copperriversalmon

I woke up with a brisk breeze in the air, the sound of water gently breaking, and the never setting sun peaking in my window. My eyes creaked open to stunning mountains and glass waters to realize I’d woken up in Alaska — a far cry from dry hot Texas. For over a year now, I’d dreamt of the moment I finally saw the waters where the Copper River Salmon, a salmon that has bewitched me lately, originate. What I thought was going to be a trip to see a fish turned into much more when I realized it’s not


For years now, I’ve been following the tasty career of a fellow Texan, Lisa Fain. Y’all know her as the one and only Homesick Texan. Her blog is overflowing with mouthwatering Texas and Tex-Mex flavors I grew up with and her recipes are authentic, fresh, and come from the heart. Even though she lives half a country away from our glorious state, she’s a seventh-generation Texan with a fierce stack of homemade recipes to proudly represent what good ol’ Texas homecookin’ is all about. Lisa has done it again and successfully published her second best selling cookbook, Homesick Texan’s Family


Just because you have an army of little hands and feet to feed doesn’t mean you should be strapped to the kitchen in fear of not being able to enjoy a good meal out on the town. Luckily, I live in a city that boasts itself on being family friendly even when it comes to food and trust me — we take full advantage. With my husband in the restaurant business and me being a professional food fanatic, we’re always toting our family and friends around the city with us on the weekends. From food trucks to family home cooking,

I’m going to get right to the point — this is an exciting post! Not just because there are scallops involved, because that alone is greatness; but right here, right now, I am going to share with you one of my most beloved — can’t be without — kitchen tools: my knives. Why is this so incredibly amazing, you ask? Because having the proper knife is really life changing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert chef or an inexperienced home cook; if you have just one fabulous amazing knife, the doors are open for you to cook practically anything

For the past week, I’ve been locked in my house by an icy witch named Cleon! It’s freezing in Dallas to the likes we’ve never seen. If the cold wasn’t enough to make me crazy, I’ve been without internet access because the lines were down for days. I’m not complaining though, as our house was one of the only ones with power so we were warm, toasty, and had enough food to feed the neighbors. Let’s be honest, having a break from work and a chance to spike my coffee in the morning was welcomed! If you were around to

bourbon turkey_edited-1

With the holidays coming up, turkey season is in full swing! I don’t know how it’s possible, but I’ve been developing turkey recipes for clients since July and I’m not tired of this delicious bird yet! In fact, I’m making it a conscious decision to cook more turkey throughout the rest of the year. Ground, whole, breast, or thigh, the best thing about turkey is that it’s so versatile and beyond flavorful. With all of this turkey making, I’ve discovered the secret to a perfectly roasted turkey…and that is a great roasting pan. Having a heavy duty pan complete with

chicken noodle soup1

If you’ve stuck with me for a while, then you know I have a teeny tiny obsession with autumn. Ok, that’s understating it — it’s a pretty big obsession. Although I love fall, I do not love what comes with it: the colds and viruses. Yes, I’m that mom with a bottle of disinfectant in one hand and hand sanitizer in the other. I wasn’t always this way. I blame it fully on having a child, because it only takes once to witness a finger going straight from a snotty runny nose to a door handle to realize that it’s too

mustard sugar salmon

I can feel it and I’m so excited I want to run through the streets screaming! School is back in session, hatch chilies arrived at the market, the weekends are filled with football, the temperature is in the upper 90’s, and the first of the coho salmon has reached it’s way down to Texas — all sure signs that fall is in my grasp! As a member of this year’s Copper River Salmon Fresh Catch Crew, I’ve been lucky enough to have been fully supplied with sockeye salmon this summer but now that sockeye season is over I have a

Seared Pork Tenderloin with Sage Carmalized Mushrooms and a Blackberry Red Wine Reduction

Have you ever had a dinner so good you literally licked your plate clean? I don’t mean as an expression — you actually licked the plate clean! I did the other night but thank goodness I was in my pjs at my own dinner table and not at a restaurant. The inspiration for this meal was a 2009 Domaine La Milliere VDP Vaucluse Rouge, a Syrah-Merlot blend from the Rhone Valley in France. This Syrah/Merlot blend is an earthy one that’s slightly spicy with notes of cherry, blackberry, and coffee. It paired wonderfully with the pork, mushroom, and sage flavors in