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Hello. I’m alive. This is either a relief or a huge disappointment to some of you. As most of you pointed out to me through e-mail, twitter, and facebook I have been AWOL form the blog since December and for that I apologize. “What happened?” “Where are you?” “Are you ok?” “Damn it lady I need more food.” “Have you been abducted by Aliens?” “No seriously, where are you?” “It was aliens, wasn’t it?” “I’m a dude I can’t follow recipes, I need more step by step photos. Where did you go.” <- one of my favorites All words from


While Mia and Jack are napping, the groceries are in bags on the floor, it’s 110°F outside (no, that’s not an exaggeration), and the article who’s deadline is 8pm tonight is still in my head, I am procrastinating by bringing you this little photo montage. Enjoy.