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This is the time of year for persimmons and one of my absolute favorite ways to eat a persimmon is how my mother-in-law makes them. When there’s a good harvest from the persimmon tree at the ranch she peels them, slices them, rolls them up in a piece of prosciutto with a jalapeno slice, and bakes them until the prosciutto is nice and crispy. Prosciutto wrapped persimmons with jalapenos are the perfect spicy, salty, and sweet appetizer for your dinner table. Just how we like it here in Texas! This recipe is a part of the Gojee Potluck series.


I don’t know about you, but fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. It finally starts cooling down here in Texas (except for this year), Hatch Chiles are in season, football is everywhere and hunting season begins. Now, I haven’t been a big hunter in the past. I grew up fishing and love to bass fish at our family ranch but with water scarce and my love of cooking and eating wild game (view most favored wild game recipe on ISMS) I figured it was time for me to join the boys and start hunting. With hunting license in


I love enchiladas! As a Texan and don’t see how you couldn’t. When my father-in-law asked recently if we could get something together for my mother-in-law’s birthday I thought enchiladas were the perfect thing. And not just any enchiladas but chicken and spinach enchiladas. Besides the traditional corn tortilla, beef and red sauce enchiladas that The Husband makes, these are my favorite and perfect for a large get together. Be aware that this recipe makes 20 enchiladas and serves 8 to 10 people. Simply reduce the amount of ingredients by half to serve for 4 to 6 people. But I

wedding day

girl meets boy

7 | July 30, 2010

Years ago in a bar in Denton, Texas just south of the line where the red dirt turns black a young wide-eyed blond hair girl meets a wild, one of a kind, guitar playing boy. Boy flirts with girl and girl turns him down because of her bartender boyfriend. Boy returns monthly to play a show at the bar and of course girl is always there. Half a year later and single, girl finally gives into boy when she can no longer resist the boy’s charm and songs. Boy takes girl on their first date and boy asks girl to