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mustard rabbit

Last weekend, my daughter and I were at our local farmer’s market, White Rock Local Market, and nearly knocked down a crowd to reach the vendor with a sign for rabbit. I had never seen rabbit before at the market and was excited. I’ve decided, and they might not know it, but JuHa Ranch is now my new best friend. I’ve been looking for a source for humanely raised quality rabbit ever since I moved back home and now I found it. Be on the lookout for more rabbit recipes popping up here because it’s just one of my favorite meats

tortellini soup

There are those days when you just have a just few minutes for dinner and have to grab whatever’s in the fridge. A day in the week when I completely forget to cook or I’ve been cooking all day for a someone else and don’t want to sit over the stove for another hour. Things happen — as moms we know this– and when they do I rely on my stash of supper easy and fresh recipes like this one, Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Spinach. I always have homemade chicken stock on hand, it’s truly a lifesaver and makes your dollar go

ricotta cornbread

My feet hit the pavement as fast as they could after school when I knew my nanny, RoRo, was going to be cooking. Smells of stewed green beans, sweet black-eyed peas, and chicken hung heavier in the air the closer I got to the house. My excitement grew with every step because I knew that she had saved the best recipe for last: her cornbread! The moment I got home, I’d sling my backpack off my shoulders not caring where it would land, wash my hands, and grab a spoon to help her create the most delicious cornbread in the

bacon fava egg_web

Fava Beans. There’s two things that inevitably comes to mind when I think of fava beans; chianti and Hannibal Lecter, the scariest fictional character of all time. I know the poor fava/broad bean has gotten a bad rap over the years becasue of this eerie character but I can’t help it — that book and movie scared every cell in my body and I will always think of Anthony Hopkins when I eat a fava bean. Of course, that doesn’t deter me from doing so in the least. Spring to early summer is the window for fava beans and it’s one of

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

10 | May 8, 2014

Not too long ago, my family’s world was turned upside down when my husband left his career when the company he worked for was, how do I put this nicely, was no longer a moral company to work for. Since then he has been pursing his passion for the restaurant business and beverage service — more directly to become a sommelier. Got to say, I’m proud of him that he knows it’s never too late to change your path. Of course, every closet in my house is filled with craft beer and wines from all over and I can’t ever seem


Just because you have an army of little hands and feet to feed doesn’t mean you should be strapped to the kitchen in fear of not being able to enjoy a good meal out on the town. Luckily, I live in a city that boasts itself on being family friendly even when it comes to food and trust me — we take full advantage. With my husband in the restaurant business and me being a professional food fanatic, we’re always toting our family and friends around the city with us on the weekends. From food trucks to family home cooking,

steak salad

After a week on the road and then a fabulous Texas hill country wedding, I was in serious need of harvesting the lettuce jungle that has overgrown in my garden. I’m going to tell you right out, I’m not much of a salad girl (I really don’t know whay I have a lettuce garden) but when you load it up with a mountain of fresh flavors and a tangy dressing, it’s hard to resist. Not only do I need to make more salads to tame the garden but after being on the road I’m in serious need to get back on

garlic green beans_web

Sitting under the sun in a little corner of my garden is the saddest looking green bean plant in the world. The Charlie Brown of green bean plants, if you will. Every morning, my daughter runs out to see if it’s grown and every morning it looks like it needs Prozac and a drink! I don’t know if it’ll make it but it I’m pulling for it. Go Charlie Go! In the meantime, I found some amazing looking early green beans at the market and was so excited that I immediately threw them in a pan. This is an easy and simple

blackberry sage old fashioned

Wicked Strong. Has to be the best name ever for a horse, right? If I had money, all of it would be riding on this beaut. I do love the Derby and the traditions surrounding it–the hats, the juleps…but sticking to tradition is not my strongest suit. A girl’s gotta have a Derby drink though, and I’m not traitorous enough to make my Derby drink with anything but bourbon. A couple months ago, my amazing, gorgeous, talented husband came to me with his take on the old-fashioned. He made it with sage-infused simple syrup, muddled orange, Peychaud bitters instead of the

lemon tarragon shrimp orzo_web

I just spent the last few days in Georgia visiting the Vidalia Onion harvest  (more on that soon) and I came home exhausted. It was a good trip but between end-of-the-month deadlines and traveling, I’m stretched thin. Combine that with the fact that I need to pull everything together to enter the resident 5-year-old into kindergarten and you can go ahead and throw me in the nuthouse for a few weeks. Kindergarten people! Seems like just the other day she was crawling and now she’s talking about a boy she has a crush on and calling me Mom. I’m seriously

herbed feta stuffed zucchini

Herbed Feta Stuffed Zucchini

11 | April 23, 2014

I’m going to let you in on a little unknown fact about me… growing up I literally was passed through school. I don’t think I ever honestly passed a class. Well, that’s not true. I made straight A’s in gym, hunting and outdoors, photography, ceramics, sometimes art, and I think I usually slipped by math with a low C. Teachers liked me but they had absolutely no patience for me what so ever. Basically, I was a kid who’s head was always in the clouds and never wanted to be in school. When it was time to graduate high school, my

Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, and Tomato Jam Sandwich

Last year, I was kidnapped by some ultra marathon runners and forced into the most horrible torture ever… crewing for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. It was a phenomenal experience that included 8 hours of sleep in 3 days, more gray hairs then I’d like to mention, and lots of chafing cream. You can read all about What Running 100 Miles Looks Like while you’re eating this amazing sandwich I’m about to tell you about. Besides watching my husband run 100 consecutive miles, there was one other memorable moment and it came in the form of a breakfast