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Shut the front door – I love a good pie! So does my daughter, my husband, and our dog the Labradork, Jack, who caused me to trip and send a glorious Key Lime Pie flying through the air only to splatter on the kitchen floor. Sneaky sneaky, Jack. Not too long ago, our friend Jamie Oliver released another brilliant book all about the glory of comfort food. We can’t deny it, comfort food is just one of the best things when the time is right. Jamie’s new book, Comfort Food, has a permanent spot in my cookbook collection. Filled with classics


Ham and Cheese Mini Muffins

4 | October 1, 2014

It’s a battle we know all to well as parents, what to put in the kid’s lunchbox for school. Peanut butter and jelly gets old fast and there’s only so many times you can pull off the cheese and crackers bit. So, I try to be as inventive as I can and that usually means making large batches of pasta salad, freezable bean burritos, and mini-muffins on the weekends. Whenever I stash a couple of these Ham and Cheese Muffins in the resident 6-year-old’s lunchbox, I hear how she had to fend off classmate’s offers to trade —they’re that good. You


You’ve just finished off a fabulous dinner party — appetizers, dinner, desserts, but the night’s not over yet. Treat your guests to a coffee cocktail to cap off an epic dinner party and leave people talking. Whenever Tim, the husband, and I are out we like to extend the evening as long as possible — it’s not too often we’re alone, you know. To make the night just a tad longer and to cap off our tastebuds, a coffee with a splash of something special seems to end the night on a high note. Our favorite end-of-the-night drink on a date is

beans on toast 2_web_edited-1

Beans on Toast

3 | September 22, 2014

If you ask my child what she wants for dinner, her answer will be a toss up between roasted chicken, salmon, or beans on toast. Before Mia, I had no clue what “beans on toast” was. Till this day I’m still not quite sure how she ever found out about beans on toast as I’d obviously never served it before. Come to find, beans on toast is not a common American meal but a favorite across the “pond.” Maybe she’s been watching too much Jamie Oliver?   We have varying recipes for beans on toast. In the spring/summer, I cream

carrot apple pancakes

Whole Wheat Carrot Apple Pancakes

2 | September 12, 2014

The weekend is coming up and I couldn’t tell you how thrilled I am! It’s my first one off in about 3 months — first day off actually — and I’m looking forward to doing whatever I please. Think we’ll first start off with dinner and a concert tonight (Joe Purdy and Brian Wright). Then I’ll hit the farmer’s market on Saturday while the husband is running 40 miles (wish I was joking), maybe a stroll or canoe around the lake if it’s not raining, and from there who knows. Sad thing is that my daughter is at the ranch

salmon chorizo tomato_2_low

Today in Texas, we’re  anxiously awaiting a “cold” front that should plummet us down to 80 degrees for our highs this week. I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt to celebrate the coming of fall. Football, leaf piles, pumpkin harvests, sock monkey slippers, and that undeniable tinge in the air makes me deliriously happy. Although, with the prospect of autumn weather bringing autumn produce, I fear it’s now time to say goodbye to summer here. This summer has been an amazing one full of incredible adventures and amazing opportunities. I’m certainly regretful that I didn’t spend much time here on ISMS. I

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding with Cherry Compote

Back-to-school craziness has died down here a bit – just a bit – and with work starting to become more manageable these days, I’m finally getting back here to the blog. In all my sock monkey wearing slipper glory and the pajamas I haven’t seemed to come out of at noon, I’m left in a quiet house wondering how in the heck did my child grow up so fast. One day I’m holding 1 pound of fierce awesomeness in my hands and the next she’s telling me she has a much older boyfriend (6 years old mind you and only two

Raspberry Witbier Cocktail

Raspberry Witbier Cocktail

4 | August 31, 2014

Summer is slowly coming to a close and although I will miss splashes in the water, wildflowers, and sweating indoors, I’m looking forward to cooler temps and enjoying my patio again! We’ve got about one more month of summer-like temps here in Texas before we can dabble in fall’s cool breezes. To celebrate the changing of seasons and kiss summer goodbye, we’ve created a refreshing cocktail to enjoy with our last month of grilling and summer brunches. Combining the flavor of summer raspberries and Witbier, one of my favorite ales to drink in the fall, this beer cocktail is beyond refreshing! Along

Cashew Coconut Blueberry Energy Bites

It’s been a madhouse around here. Between getting my daughter started with her first week of kindergarten and juggling the busy season of my recipe development business I honestly can’t tell you what my name is anymore or which shoe goes on what foot. I’m walking around like a zombie from the lack of sleep — so much so that my 5-year-old daughter lead me to the couch, gave me an ice pack, a magazine, and told me to relax. A martini would have been better but let’s not teach her how to do that until college. Now that’s bad.

kale mushroom barley_web

Yesterday, was a rough day. For some reason the holiday recipe development season was delayed a month and now I have clients stockpiled to the ceiling in a mad rush to get recipes and or photography before everything goes to press for Thanksgiving. I’m certainly not complaining. I’ve been very blessed to create a successful business on my own when my family needed it most. Now, it’s all about balancing a full-time career in hopes to pay the mortgage every month, a child entering kindergarten, and a husband who’s desperately trying to find his own path in the world and starting

Copper Rover Salmon - Cordova, Alaska #salmon #travel #copperriversalmon

I woke up with a brisk breeze in the air, the sound of water gently breaking, and the never setting sun peaking in my window. My eyes creaked open to stunning mountains and glass waters to realize I’d woken up in Alaska — a far cry from dry hot Texas. For over a year now, I’d dreamt of the moment I finally saw the waters where the Copper River Salmon, a salmon that has bewitched me lately, originate. What I thought was going to be a trip to see a fish turned into much more when I realized it’s not


Affogato Amaretto

12 | July 31, 2014

In just a few short weeks, summer will come to a close. We’ll still have the scorching heat for a few more weeks but it will be time to kiss that curly blonde head goodbye in the morning as she heads off to her first days of kindergarten. Playful excitement during the days will soon be replaced by the sounds of my own footsteps mingling with the deep rumbling snores of Jack the labradork asleep on the couch. I’ll certainly miss the time we have together in the summers but thankful there’s more time to work during the day and possibly,