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Roasted Okra with Garlic Butter

Pop—Crack—Splat. The sounds coming form the stove as I sit and wait at the breakfast table instantly make my 5-year-old tummy rumble. I ask repeatedly if it’s done yet and get the glare I’m all too aware of. My nanny, RoRo, was famous for her fried okra and made it for me whenever I asked. I asked often as next to blueberry muffins, I considered fried okra to be a perfectly acceptable food group. Sadly today, aware of calories and clogged arteries, I veer away from sinfully delicious fried okra but it wasn’t until recently that I found a close substitute,

prk chops_plum_1

I talk a lot about seasonal eating on this blog. It’s a belief that I hold dear because it simply makes sense – it’s logical. If you throw something up it’s going to come down and if you eat a peach in December you’re going to break a tooth. I like my teeth and I would like to hang on to them. So, once again for the hundredth time: it’s summer and it’s ridiculously hot. Thankfully, we had plenty of rain this spring to bring a massive plum harvest at the ranch this year and I was the lucky recipient


Quick Pickled Shrimp

2 | July 15, 2015

Years ago, filled with teenage angst and a need for adventure, I spent a sweltering hot summer on a sailboat sailing the coast of North Carolina. I learned every knot imaginable (which I have now since forgotten), saw wild horses, crawled in a ditch letting a tornado water spout pass me by, and got to say fun things like, “come about,” “abaft the beam,”jibe-ho, and “abandon ship!” (because there was a tornado). There was also this one time where we were sleeping on the coast in tents and were abruptly awoken by the sheriff’s department to vacate the premises immediately


It’s July in Texas and that means it’s also hotter than a billy goat’s arse in a pepper patch. This wet, humid, and blazing hot air combined with a very busy holiday season at mbs recipe development, has made this girl desperately dream of getting out of town to my second favorite state, Colorado. Cool mountain air and clean crisp water — yes, that’s exactly what I need. At the end of this week, I’ll be packing up the family and heading to the Snowmass/Aspen area to hike and raft until I reach a state of delirious happiness and I’m sure


Lately, I’ve been throwing around the idea of building a pizza oven in my backyard. Just thinking about wood-fired brick oven pizza at the tips of my finger tips whenever I want is enough to send me in search of bricks and mortar. Sadly, I’d absolutely have no clue what I’d be doing and the likely hood of creating an oven that could combust at the flick of a match, bringing down the whole neighborhood in it’s wake, is very high. And since I’m probably on a neighborhood watch list already due to this past weekend’s reenactment of a war

double eagle cocktail

Whisky is my drink of choice with bourbon being my favorite, then whisky, scotch, Irish whisky, and finally rye but never and I do mean never flavored whisky. Straight, over ice, and swirled in a cocktail, I’m always captured by it’s poetic and complex layers of smooth and spice. I have a collection ranging from expensive and hard to find (only to drink on birthdays, amazing occasions, and those few concrete hard days that require it) to everyday sippers — I even have a bourbons for each season. Sadly, this presents a conflict in a sommelier-driven wine-dominated house when obscure

steak sandwich_1_low

Savory tender steak, bursting intense tomatoes, a red wine pan sauce, and a fresh chive-packed whipped goat cheese in between two slices of toasted sourdough is a seriously delicious sandwich to throw down any sandwich this summer. How can I make such a bold statement? Because I can’t stop making them. With torrential downpours that have quenched this parched land’s thirst, this summer has been full of rain. Something I’ve been more than pleased with but it has dampened my desire to grill. This has led to lots of indoor cooking this summer and a need to tweak a lot of recipes

watermelon basil popsicles

Watermelon Basil Popsicles

4 | June 25, 2015

There’s nothing like cold watermelon juice running down your chin in the dead heat of summer. Sweet and refreshing, it’s one of the best things about this time of year. Watermelon is just one of those fruits that no matter how hard you desire it, it will never be as good as when it’s in season. We grow a pretty damn good crop of this delicious summer fruit in Texas and when my uncle recently gave my daughter her own watermelon, she devoured half of it like a deranged wombat and then wanted the rest to be turned into popsicles.

mango curry shrimp

With the thermometers flirting with 100°F and my kid’s constant desire to be in the pool, it’s no doubt summer is officially here. That means my cravings for fruit and seafood are worse than a pregnant lady on a pickle binge. I’m going to have to make it to the coast for some snapper fishing real quick like or things could get ugly. To hold me over until I can escape this blazing hot concrete jungle, I’ve got a recipe for a sweet and savory mango sauce that I’ve been addicted to for years that goes great with seafood —

salmon farro bowl 1_low

With excited anticipation, my 6-year-old child has been awaiting this summer’s salmon season. For the rest of the year when salmon and watermelon (her second favorite summer food) are not in season, her wanting pleas are as annoying as a child screaming, “Are we there yet?” every three seconds on a road trip. Thankfully, the markets are finally stocked with fresh wild salmon, it’s back in our weekly meal rotation, and my sanity (what’s left of it) is intact. We try to eat seasonally as much as possible and that includes eating from our garden. The first of the summer

Dallas-Style Brisket Tacos

I threw my camera bag on the chair beside me, sat down in the cool iron chair on the patio, and moaned. I was nearing the end of searching for Dallas’s most iconic foods for an article I was writing for and I was dreading looking at another plate of food. The telltale spicy smell of Tex-Mex cuisine was wafting from the kitchen as I watched a taxi full of tourists straight off the plane (complete with luggage) enter the restaurant. We were all in search of the same thing: Brisket Tacos from Mia’s Tex-Mex. When it comes to

Rhubarb Corn Cakes with Honeyed Whipped Cream

Back in the first week of May, I posted a photo on Instagram of some very delicious rhubarb corn cakes. In the coming weeks a few emails and even attempts from some of you followed which persuaded me to finally sit down and post the recipe (thanks for the push). This is a very simple recipe that was inspired by delicious looking, Little Apricot Cakes from Bon Appetit, that sadly I’ve never been able to get around to. So, when rhubarb hit the farmer’s market last month I instantly knew what I wanted to do. I started with a slightly sweetened