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Chicken Milanese

St. Paddy’s day is this weekend and Dallas is prepping for their big parade that I live right next too. So, I’m preparing for traffic, a sea of green, and stepping over the occasional drunk leprechaun. I’m also seeing lots of cabbage and potato recipes floating around the web-a-verse and that’s just making me obscenely hungry. Being that I am not Irish (at least I don’t think I am—I’m adopted so who the heck knows where my ancestry lies) I’m not going to give you an “Irish” recipe because I would seriously not know what I was talking about. Now,

red wine braised venison over pumpkin risotto

If you’re reading this you’re the awesome 5% of my readers who actually like venison…or maybe you’re just intrigued. Who knows, but I’m glad you’re here. If you were to ask me what the best thing I’ve ever cooked was, I would say Red Wine Braised Venison over Pumpkin Risotto. I started cooking this about a year ago when my husband’s boss first came over for dinner. Just so happens that my cousin was there as well. It was a full house, the beginning of fall, I was completely nervous and I needed something big, bold, impressive, and easy to

cherry vanilla fruit leather

Cherry Vanilla Fruit Leather

5 | March 11, 2014

Sweet chewy fruit leather was one of my favorite and most desired treats as a kid. Not the dyed “roll-up” kind either but the thick natural ones that you would by at the health food store back in the day. Maybe that’s why I make them on a constant basis. It takes lots of hands-off hours but it’s incredibly easy and worth it. My daughter also loves fruit leather and it’s a great snack for when she has a sweet tooth or to throw in her lunch box. You can score big parent points here. The best part about making

Braised Red Cabbage and Pancetta

Oh cabbage — I really don’t eat enough of you. Look how gorgeous you are! When you wear purple you really are the most flamboyant of all of the vegetables. Strut’n it in the garden — yeah we see you but even though your as awesomely bright as David Bowie in his Stardust days, I just keep walking by. For this I apologize and from here on out will make every effort to include you in my culinary expeditions. I really love cabbage but I just forget about using it. The other night when all of the family was actually

beet ravioli with Meyer lemon goat cheese

Pasta is our family’s absolute favorite thing to make together. We get in the kitchen and make fools of ourselves listening to Louis Prima and throwing flour around. It’s beyond ridiculous and if it wasn’t for wine and the occasional cuss word when my fingers get too close to the rollers, we’d be the flipping Brady Brunch. Recently, we made a Beet Ravioli with Meyer Lemon Goat Cheese for KitchenAid’s KITCHENTHUSIAST to ease us into the spring season. It’s a fairly involved recipe so it’s perfect to bring in some helping hands on a weekend. Fresh roasted beets create a

creamy wild mushroom soup_web copy

I’m trying to grasp onto the remaining flavors of fall and winter before spring hits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far beyond ready for warm days, homegrown tomatoes, okra, and peaches but I’m just not ready to fully let go. I even have a 5-spice braised venison over pumpkin risotto coming up for you soon just to drive the nail in the coffin so to speak. I final goodbye to all those comfort recipes we crave during the cold months. Speaking of comfort, I was recently blessed with a pound of early wild mushrooms from a friend not too long

Strawberry Goat Cheese Popovers

Popovers, at the risk of sounding too poetic, are beautiful pillowy bites of bready enlightenment. As a young girl, I remember going to a local restaurant on what my Mom and I called “a girl’s day”. The meal always began with fresh steamy popovers and chicken broth before the lunch was served. Even back then, I was obsessed with food and each crisp bite was pure joy and wonderment. Now, years later, after figuring out the secrets of the popover, I make them for my daughter. Apparently the love of this divine treat is inherent, because she is just as

blackberry pita pizza

The other day, Mia, the resident 5-year-old, and I were looking for a new snack. We had just picked up these early organic blackberries from the market and figured we should put them to good use. We both have a blackberry addiction. It’s a strong one too. It was her idea to make blackberry pizza but since we were incredibly hungry and I didn’t have any pizza dough thawed, we opted for whole wheat pita bread for our crust. In no time, we had an indulgently delicious snack in our hands. I posted the recipe on Disney’s Jump on

lgp yogurt2

My daughter thrives on yogurt at lunch. When the first day of preschool came about, I figured that I would just send yogurt with her to school for lunch. It’s healthy, makes a fabulous snack, and I know my daughter would eat it but when her teacher told us at orientation that yogurt was not an acceptable lunch because of the huge mess it makes I nearly fell out of my chair! I was depending on yogurt to make my hectic morning school lunch packing episodes a breeze but no — now I actually have to think about how many

Orange Chicken

Orange Broccoli Chicken

0 | March 2, 2014

Sometimes we need an easy and simple weeknight meal. Especially on those days that the dog has chewed up my favorite set of slippers, the child is in one of those moods that nothing will please her, laundry has miraculously and spontaneously exploded in every room of the house, I missed a deadline, and I think that might have been a hairball that I just stepped on. It’s days like today that I just go for a classic meal that everyone will enjoy or at least keep them quite for 15 minutes. Tender bites of chicken and broccoli coated with

chicken dumplings hort 2 web

Chicken and Dumplings. Everyone has their favorite way of preparing it. Dropped vs. rolled dough, vegetables vs. no vegetables, clear broth vs. creamy — there’s so many versions it’d make your grandmother’s head spin. But we can all agree on one thing, Chicken and Dumplings is the best darn comfort food that you can get! I’m a rolled and cut dumpling and vegetable packed kinda girl but the husband is the exact opposite. Today we’re going to compromise because that’s what the preacher told me I had to do when we got married. “50/50,” he said and I had to

Butternut Squash Kale and Pancetta Hash

Back in December, I posted a photo on Instagram of a winter hash that I had served on a slice of toasted sourdough and topped with a fried egg sprinkled with rosemary salt. Since then I’ve received 22 emails and most of them had the subject line, “Where’s the hash, lady?” No joke. So, it was obvious that I had to post this recipe or possibly receive a rotten tomato stoning. Hash is one of those dishes that says comfort to me. I have fond thoughts of my grandmother making potato and brisket hash when I stayed over and 9