meet the troop

photo 4{the one in the slippers} Hello! My name is Meredith and I’m the one behind the computer in sock monkey slippers. In October of 2008, my wonderful husband and I had our first baby. A beautiful, brave, amazing little girl that has as much fight and determination in her little pinky finger than all of us combined. She came into this world sixteen weeks early weighing only one pound and thirteen ounces. It’s been a long journey but she is doing fantastic now. Since she was so early and spent five months in the hospital, the doctors asked us to keep her out of daycare and at home for at least the first three years. Thus creating a stay-at-home mom, something I wasn’t used to.

When I  left my job as a graphic designer and became a stay-at-home mom my world changed. Trading logos and billboards for dirty diapers left me with a yearning for a creative outlet. So, I got back into my love for all things culinary, picked up a camera, and started this blog. It first was a way to keep my stories about motherhood and recipes organized for my own usage. It was to my surprise that I was hooked and found myself stuck in this world of gorgeous food. This is where I ask myself daily, “What have I gotten myself into?” Today, I’ve run my own recipe development company, MBS Recipe Development, and of course, still have the blog. In Sock Monkey Slippers is full of stories about life and how it relates to honest and pure food. My goal is to create a place where we all can relate and bring a moment of laughter, inspiration, creativity, and fresh meal ideas for our families. I hope you enjoy.

meredith_steele_hradshot_2013_small Meredith Steele

A graphic designer turned stay-at-home mom, Meredith Steele focused her creativity and passion for cooking to create her own recipe development company and InSock, a blog packed with family-friendly recipes and lighthearted stories about life. She’s constantly inspired by her amazing husband and daughter and her large floppy eared dog, Jack. Her fresh and creative recipes have been published in many print and on-line publications and she is a brand ambassador for companies that share her same ideals about clean eating and whole foods. Meredith can be found writing at In Sock Monkey, and Kitchenthusiast – a KitchenAid blog, and was nominated for Best Kid’s Food Blog by SAVEUR Magazine in 2013. She has also foraged a path as a professional recipe developer and food photographer and has clients such as Ziploc®, SC Johnson Right@Home, Imperial Sugar, Relish Magazine, Disney, and KitchenAid.



Mia {the sidekick}

Born in October 2008, Mia came into this world fighting. Weighing 1.13 pounds at birth and born at 24 weeks gestation she is our little miracle. After a long hospital stay and rough first year Mia is still trucking along with her fierce spirit. It was this spirit that gave her the nickname the “feisty little bear” in the NICU and it’s still carries on today. When she’s not reading or in the kitchen, Mia is climbing everything and always getting into something. She is the inspiration and official taster for the blog.