308 {the ranch}

If you know me you know I love spending time at my husband’s family’s ranch. It’s a home away from home and dear to my heart. It was the place my husband took me on our second date and sang me the first song he wrote for me. It’s the place where we used to sneek off to and meet when I was in college at North Texas and he was a wondering musician in the hill country. It’s the place where you can see the most amazing sunsets and sunrises in your life. It’s the place where the water runs clear and the air smells sweet and fresh. It’s the place you can let everything go and just run. It’s the place where you will never find me without a camera and most importantly it’s where Tim took me up on the highest hill and proposed to me. So here’s a little look from the past years of the place where I truly love to be.

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  • Wendy

    Nice pics!!

  • Donna

    I miss the landscape of the Texas Hill Country. Your photos are beautiful!

  • tmsteele

    i own a dairy, and i was wondering if this cow was for sale.

    • In Sock Monkey Slippers

      ha ha….ha. Very funny Dad-In-Law. Aren’t you glad that you said yes when I gave you the puppy dog eyes and said, “but she’s so pretty can’t we keep her?” So she might look like a dairy cow but she has become a real good mama! I know em when I see them.

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