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As a mom I sometimes find that snack time is more difficult than a meal time. When I could easily just say, “For the love of everything holy, If you’re hungry just grab a snack bar from the pantry!” — in the back of my  mind I still know that even snacks should resemble some nutritional value. Not to say I never grab a bag of Cheddar Goldfish in a hurry because it happens but a fruit and cheese plate on a daily basis can get boring fast. And we all know boring food to a toddler is going to


When my daughter Mia was born, I instantly knew I wanted to give her the best that I possibly could. And for being the whole food snob that I am, there was no other thought but to make my own fresh never jarred baby food for her. I researched and spoke with her doctors on a regular basis and came up with some pretty tasty purees that she loved. Not only did she have the basics but a wide arrange of flavors that I believe helped her transition smoothly into finger and toddler foods. Even though she is going on


With the end of winter and the beginning of spring brings my favorite time of citrus season. Especially because the meyer lemons are at their best and I’m a huge meyer lemon fan. Being a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, these lemons are tart but not as bitter as a regular lemon. So, when season hits I buy as many as I can, squeeze the juice and freeze it for use through out the year. The perfect pairing of the floral lavender with the smooth citrus of the meyer lemon makes these lemon bars far from ordinary


The brussels sprout. The most feared of the vegetable family. As a kid I steered clear of the mushy smelly veggie and usually tried to throw them under the table or slip them onto my brother’s plate when no one was looking. This probably had to do with the way my parents steamed them for hours then sprinkled garlic salt over them.  –ahh, I’m having flashbacks– I could not stand them! Odd how time can change one’s taste buds because now I love them. Can’t get enough especially when they’re in season from late fall to early spring in most parts

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Chicken fingers, a kid’s best friend. Ever since I realized what exactly goes into a fast food chicken nugget I have steered clear of the mystery meat and dabbled with my own recipes at home. For years upon years now this has been one of the husband’s and I’s favorite meals because I don’t care how old you are, the kid in us all craves chicken fingers. Thankfully, we had a child and now have a legitimate excuse to make them. I’ve made them every which way: breaded with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and panko and above all panko is my


No-Knead Pizza Dough

6 | March 14, 2012

In our family pizza night is one of the meals that brings us all together in the kitchen. We turn the music up, put on our aprons and get to work. Everyone creates their own pizzas and we all share slices making it a great and memorable night. To us there is no need to order pizza, unless it has just been one of those days, but even then a boxed pizza can never come close to what you can make at home. If you are reading this thinking, “Lady there is absolutely noway that I could ever create an


Have you ever been attacked by a chocolate craving? I mean a full on “must have chocolate or I’m going to run through the streets like a mad zombie person” kind of craving? That was me yesterday after a hectic, yet productive, day complete with an insane workout where I was firmly aware that the medicien ball was out to kill me. I figured after a day like that I need, no I deserve a thick fudgey chocolate brownie. As I gathered my ingredients it was to my horror to find there wasn’t a single egg in the house or