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This is the time of year for persimmons and one of my absolute favorite ways to eat a persimmon is how my mother-in-law makes them. When there’s a good harvest from the persimmon tree at the ranch she peels them, slices them, rolls them up in a piece of prosciutto with a jalapeno slice, and bakes them until the prosciutto is nice and crispy. Prosciutto wrapped persimmons with jalapenos are the perfect spicy, salty, and sweet appetizer for your dinner table. Just how we like it here in Texas! This recipe is a part of the Gojee Potluck series.


The Treats Truck, a new baking book by Kim Ima, is a surprisingly delightful and simple baking book that is perfect for all. It’s quirky design captures your interest instantly and the easy to follow baking instructions makes everyone of her recipes achievable. From the famous Treats Truck sandwich cookies to cakes and pies, this baking book has all of the traditional and delicious treats you grew up with and some new ones too covered! After a conversation with a friend about cookies, Kim Ima’s dream was realized and soon enough the Treats Truck was born. A silver food truck turned


Limoncello Cookies

52 | December 12, 2011

A couple of years ago with a house full of Limoncello and Limoncino (an Italian lemon liquor) that my in-laws brought back from Italy, the Limoncello Cookie was born. It is one of my favorite cookies of all time and if you follow ISMS than you know the Limoncello Cookie recipe is making it’s second appearance, only this time in a more refined, prettier, and tastier version. Think of it as Elvis’ 1968 comeback, if you will. They’ve come to be a Christmas cookie staple in our house and this year I used them for the Great Food Blogger Cookie


Nothing says comfort food like carnitas to this Texas girl. If you are not familiar with the term carnitas, it’s basically what we call slow roasted pulled pork butt with a little spice. If you’ve been around ISMS for awhile you already know my love for carnitas and might have stumbled upon the low-fat crock pot version of poblano and onion carnitas. In their own right, the healthier version is wonderful and great for an everyday meal but when you want to impress or just need that over the top comfort meal, this recipe that I’m about to share with