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After months of trial and error I have finally found my favorite veggie burger and all it took was a little quinoa. If you haven’t discovered quinoa yet, it is a grain like crop grown for it’s seeds. It’s actually not a grain at all but closely related to beets and spinach believe it or not. Packed with protein, magnesium and iron this nutty flavored seed is perfect for toddlers, kids, and insane marathon/ultra runners like my husband. These burgers have now become a favorite in this house but I warn you it took awhile for Mia to get used


There are just those nights that we throw the Mia in bed a little early and treat ourselves to a at home date night. This usually means a good bottle of wine, music and a dinner that suits an adult pallet rather than our two year old’s. Of course, I wasn’t at all surprised that she ate the leftovers the next day. Cooking seafood sometimes can be a little overwhelming for those of us that didn’t grow up around it but trust me this stew is very simple to make and the taste will knock your socks off. Just what


There’s nothing better than taking a bite of slightly sweet and toasty homemade granola to drown out the bickering between a dog and a two year old little girl. Yes, they bicker. No, I didn’t realize adopting a 60 pound lab meant adopting a another toddler and yes, I’m considering never having anymore children because my hair is quickly turning grey. There’s also the possibility of me entering a psych ward soon. But for now I have the crunchy bites of heaven covered with milk to save my sanity and make me smile when I realize that my once white


I’m going to make this short and sweet. This recipe is pretty flippin’ delicious and super quick and easy to make. For years I’ve been making a smaller appetizer version of this using wonton wrappers and it wasn’t until recently that we started using the same technique to make a healthy baked “egg roll” for dinner. This one is definitely Mia, aka 2 year old, approved. Baked Chicken Spinach & Artichoke Egg Roll makes 12 2 cups baby spinach 1 1/2 cup cooked chicken 1 cup artichoke hearts (about 10 hearts, I use frozen and thawed) 1 cup fontina or


Sweet Potato Cinnamon Buns

4 | June 3, 2011

Warning: there is nothing low-cal about these delicious and insanely addictive sweet potato cinnamon pull-apart buns! So, you might have to do another 20 minutes on the elliptical but your soul will thank you! Check out the story behind these sinful breakfast treats and how to make them for your family today on’s 50 New Recipes From The 100 Best Food Blogs recipe: sweet potato cinnamon buns This recipe was made exclusively for